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From: Thursday, September 25, 2014 8:29 AM -0600
Subject:On Their Way
        Well now there is no turning back, fall is finally here, so says our calendar. And of course that only means one thing for Winston . . . Football is back, and the Wildcats are ready to take the season by storm.
        The Wildcats played their first home game on Friday, September 19th against the Assiniboia Rebels. Everyone grabbed their fold out chairs and put on their cheering voices, the energy was high and alive. The field was packed with all the Wildcats fans, ready for another Football year. The boys played a great game, taking the first touchdown in the first quarter, and from there on they only went up. The boys played their hardest, full of energy and excitement and great team spirit and with all that combined it was no shocked that the boys came out on top, winning the game against the Rebels. Such a great way to kick off the home games this year, with a good ole Wildcat win. The team will be playing games in Southey and Wynyard for the weeks to come. Their next home game is Thursday, September 25th against Lanigan. Bring your team spirit to the football field on Thursday!
        So far so good and I can only see great games to come. The Wildcats are ready to play their hardest and make Winston proud. Don’t forget to come out to support the team! Good luck boys and may you have a grand season!
        Sarah Davidson
        Winston High School
        School Reporter