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From: Tuesday, September 23, 2014 9:54 AM -0600
Subject:Drake School Ice Bucket Challenge
Congratulations to the students and staff for raising over $700.00 for the Ice Bucket Challenge at Drake School.
Drake - ice Bucket Challenge Compressed-2.wmv
Mr. Perry, our school Principal, has a special connection to this challenge as his brother passed away 10 years ago this Sept from ALS.  The challenge was sent out to parents/students/staff to raise $200 and Mr. Perry would participate.  That $200 was soon reached so the bar was raised to $500 and then more staff would join.  The end result was $700 and four teachers participated, Mr. Perry, Mr. Willems and Ms. Jaeb can be seen in the attached video.  Mrs. Trach was absent that day but she also participated in the challenge with her students the next day.

THANK YOU to everyone that donated.