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From: Monday, September 22, 2014 11:13 AM -0600
Subject:Viscount School Honours Terry Fox
The students and staff at Viscount Central School completed our annual Terry Fox Run on Friday, September 19.  Everyone gathered in the school gymnasium for a quick presentation about Terry Fox, cancer, and the way it affects thousands of people's lives.  After going over a few safety rules, we started out on our 9km trek.  Members of the Sr. SRC set up water stations on route for us to stop for a quick refreshing drink along the way! A few members also stayed back at the school to prepare cookies and juice for the participant's return.  
As everyone arrived back at the school, a volleyball game was also set up for anyone interested in playing.  It ended up being a beautiful afternoon, full of fun exercise, positivity, and respect.  Proudly, our school ended up raising $1674.20 for cancer research!  It was a good feeling knowing that we were honouring one of our country's heroes and making a small contribution towards the cause that he was so passionate about.  Like Terry once said “Even if I don't finish, we need others to continue.  It's got to keep going without me.”

Brookelynn Tetzlaff
VCS Reporter