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From: Monday, September 22, 2014 11:13 AM -0600
Subject:Sigmund Brouwer Visits VCS
On September the 12th Viscount Central School had the greatest pleasure welcoming author Sigmund Brouwer to our school as well as the Elementary students and staff from Allen Composite. We all gathered for Brouwer’s presentation in Viscount Gymnasium that involved great imagination, funny stories, fun dance, music and more! He really showed students how to make reading fun and to use imagination to the max. Brouwer really did a terrific job of getting everyone involved in the fun dance and songs he brought with him, including all of the teachers! He even succeeded getting three of the high school boys to come up and sing in front of the school, which was not only entertaining, but got our school $800 dollars’ worth of books!
Not only was Brouwer a great author and speaker, but was also an amazing musician! He surprised everyone with his electric guitar and played some great music that everyone really enjoyed. Viscount is ever so thankful we got this great opportunity to spend time with Sigmund Brouwer and the wonderful students and staff from Allan. It was definitely an amazing presentation that Viscount will remember!

Brookelynn Tetzlaff
Viscount School Reporter