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From: Monday, September 22, 2014 11:06 AM -0600
Subject:Cudworth School September Report
September Sports

First month of school and our extra-curricular activities are already in full swing.  In volleyball, we have a Senior Boys, Senior Girls and a Junior Girls team.  All the players have been working hard in practice and now are starting league games. Cudworth Senior boys hosted a home tournament where they did extremely well.  Senior girls also attended a tournament on September 13th in Rose Valley where~they gained some valuable experience. Thank you Mr. Stewart , Clayton Kohle and Randy van der Gracht (Senior Boys), Mrs. Medernach and Miss Pasloski (Senior Girls) and Mrs. Macpherson and Ms. Mellesmoen (Junior Girls) for coaching our teams. Your dedication is greatly appreciated. The District Cross Country meet is on September 25th in Strasbourg and Cudworth has around 25 runners from grades 5-10 who will be attending.  New in Cudworth School is the Photography Club. Right now we are learning the basic functions of our cameras and I'm excited for future lessons. Cudworth Junior Football has also been practicing and their first game is on September 22nd. There are 25 students on the team and the coaches are Mr. Dickson and Mr. Haryett (Wakaw).  Hope we all have a successful season.

Madison Palchinski
Cudworth School

September Start-Up

September in Cudworth School has been filled with many fun activities.  On Thursday, September 11th, author Sigmund Brouwer came to visit our school.  He gave a school wide presentation and did two different workshops with the students.  The first one was with students in grades 7-10 and the second with students from grades 3-6. ~We'd like to thank our librarian, Mrs. Miskolczi, for organizing this event.  On Friday, September 12th, we had our annual back to school BBQ which was organized by the SRC.  In the afternoon, we participated in a school-wide activity.  Also, six grade 10 students attended the Student Leadership Conference (SLC) in Nipawin, SK.  Lastly, the Terry Fox Run is happening on September 25th at 2:00 p.m.  Everyone is welcome!  We'd like to send out a big thank you to all of the teachers for organizing these enjoyable events.

Raelyn Guenther
Cudworth School