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From: Monday, September 22, 2014 11:00 AM -0600
Welcome back to Wynyard Elementary School and a very special welcome to all of the Pre-Kindergarteners, Kindergarteners and the new kids in our school this year.
        It is a tragedy that summer is so short but very exciting to be starting a new school year.  This year is a bit different because we said goodbye to 4 teachers that we love so much.  However, we have said hello to our hilarious principal, Mr. Fisher and our two kind secretaries, Mrs. Malinowski and Mrs. Stefanick as well as our 4 new, amazing teachers:
- Mrs. Mel Chorney is teaching 1C .  She said , “I love it. Teaching is so much fun. I LOVE the kids and the staff.”
-  Miss. Ashley Magnusson is our new Learning Resource Teacher and she said, “ I love teaching.  I really enjoy teaching in W.E.S.”
- Mrs. Myrna Denesik said “I love it.  I love the proactive energy that is here.”
-Ms. Lisa Friesen said “I felt the positive energy from students and staff my first day at Wynyard Elementary School.  I am looking forward to a fabulous year!”
        We would also like to give special thanks to our custodians for making our school sparkling clean and for spending your summers here.  Many teachers also spent many hours throughout the summer days setting up their classrooms so that we students can understand better and learn more. We thank you.
        To continue our RESPECT motto we are encouraging all of the students to be respectful everywhere they go.  We are also taking a message from the kid president which is “BE AWESOME!”.
        This year at school will be more awesome than it has ever been before.  Your child may sing for you the “Fruit Song”.  Look forward to hearing it if you have not already at our Open House which is on October 23.  We hope to see you there.
        Smile.  Remember picture day is on September 25 and the annual Terry Fox Walk is on September 24.  
        Wishing you a happy start to a new school year.

Faith Prime
School Reporter
Wynyard Elementary School