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From: Tuesday, September 16, 2014 12:37 PM -0600
Subject:Rose Valley School News
Welcome back RVS!
        On Tuesday, September 2, Rose Valley students were welcomed back to school for another great year! The morning activities, organized by our SRC President, Sarah Veilleux, included an introduction of the new SRC, a welcome to new and returning students and staff of RVS, a 10 question powerpoint quiz about Rose Valley School and an ALS ice bucket challenge. Sarah played her video of the ice bucket challenge for the school and she nominated Rose Valley Mayor Mr. Veilleux, Grade 5/6 teacher and Senior Volleyball Coach Mr. Smith, and Horizon School Board member Mr. Lengyel. Our Senior Girls volleyball team had the pleasure of dumping the ice water on the three gentlemen. Super fun!
Our Senior Girls volleyball team attended their first tournament over the weekend in Nipawin and placed 3rd. Well done ladies. The weekend of September 12th and 13th the team will be hosting an 8-team home tournament. Everyone is welcome to come out and cheer!
The Junior Girls “A” volleyball team has joined a co-op with Archerwill. They will start league play next week and will compete in their first tournament on September 20th.
The Junior Boys “B” volleyball team has started practicing and will start league play on September 17th.
RVS cross country team has started training at noon hour and after school. We have competitive and non-competitive runners who are enjoying the race and pace.
The junior and senior golf teams are gearing up for competition next week at pre-districts.
        On Monday, September 8, Rose Valley School welcomed their nine new Kindergarten students.
        On Tuesday, we had our QSP magazine kickoff. Good luck in sales!
From RVS, we wish everyone a great fall and a happy harvest.