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From: Tuesday, September 9, 2014 11:40 AM -0600
Subject:KHS News
Another week has gone by at Kelvington High School. This was our first full week back at school and everyone seems to be getting into the daily routine of classes. Every day students are filled with even more knowledge to put towards their future and this is especially important for our grade twelve students who are entering their last year of high school.

Our magazine fundraiser is in full swing so KHS students will be out and about trying to fundraise for our school activities. Proceeds from our magazine fundraiser go towards sports teams, extra-curricular expenses, and fun initiatives set out by the SRC. Our goals for this year are as follows:

550 Subscriptions: Hypnotist Presentation
450 subscriptions:  Movie afternoon in the gym
350 subscriptions: Pancake breakfast
250 subscriptions: Sean Cunningham will have his legs waxed
150 subscriptions: Popsicle Treat Day

We hope to reach our top goal of 550 subscriptions before thanksgiving weekend so that we can have some of our classmates and teachers hypnotized.

New to KHS this year is the celebration of birthdays. When a student has a birthday during the course of a week they are congratulated on the morning announcements and then at the end of the month birthday cake is brought in and we celebrate together at noon. Happy Birthdays this week go out to Adam Smith, Truen Lowndes, Mardi Scutchings, Kayla Friday, and Bradley Onyskiw.

Our SRC has come up with a few new ideas and one of these being “Action Days” instead of spirit days. On Wednesday September 10, 2014 we put this into practice with our first High Five Day; by the end of the day everyone’s hands were pretty sore from giving high or low fives.
Our teachers and secretaries are off to Collaborative Learning Day on September 15, 2014 in Humboldt. The purpose of these days is to allow staff members to collaborate and communicate with other teachers from around Horizon School Division. It brings new ideas and perspectives to the idea of education and learning in today’s society.
Our lovely new intern Miss Muench will be attending her first intern seminar in Humboldt on Wednesday September 10, 2014.
Keep your eyes open on the road as we now have Drivers Education starting up again! Our new learner drivers will be out on the roads testing their motor vehicle skills so keep your eyes peeled and your ears open for squealing tires and honking horns.

As we reflect on the past week at Kelvington High School we are so fortunate to have so many awesome teaches, students, and support staff as we continue to learn and grow as people. I hope everyone has another awesome week and a bountiful harvest. I leave you with a quote from Nelson Mandela that describes the importance of education. “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.-Nelson Mandela.

That’s all for this week from Kelvington High School!

Cameron Choquette
Senior Stick
Kelvington High School