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April 7, 2011
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Premier Brad Wall Visits HCI

Premier Brad Wall, Minister of Education Donna Harpauer and Humboldt Mayor Malcolm Eaton paid a short visit to Humboldt Collegiate Institute (HCI) on Friday April 1, 2011. Their hosts, Principal Keith Thompson and SRC representatives Jessica Hassman and Jesse Larson, provided the visitors with an opportunity to tour the entire school and interact with the students during class.

During the tour Premier Wall and Minister Harpauer were shown the current HCI facility and provided with a general concept description of the pending conversion to the Humboldt Public School and also viewed the plans for the new HCI project that is currently under construction.

The Premier had opportunities to meet with staff and students and took pleasure in pausing to speak to the students on a one to one basis. During the introductions, the Premier took interest in the students by asking their names, grades and what their plans were for the future. During these brief meetings, the Premier requested that staff and students refer to him by his first name. “Please, call me Brad” he stated, to the students, during the informal conversations.

At one point the tour made an unscheduled stop in a class that was studying Greek history. Premier Wall took this opportunity to speak to the entire class and point out the relationship between ancient Greece as the birthplace of modern democracy and modern politics as it is know today.

When asked what they thought about the Premier of Saskatchewan visiting HCI, SRC representatives Jessica Hassman and Jesse Larson stated, "It was exciting to see the Premier take interest in the lives of high school students. He didn't just do a quick walk through of the school, he stopped to talk to the social studies class, checked out projects in the industrial arts shop and hung out in the gym with a group of kids playing dodge ball.  His visit was encouraging to the students as they were able to see that they are important too!"

Humboldt Collegiate Principal Keith Thompson stated the following upon conclusion of the visit.
“It was quite a surprise to have Premier Brad Wall and Education Minister Donna Harpauer visit our school. In fact, because of the date (April1), it was hard to convince the students and staff that they were going to be visiting. It wasn't until they were in the building that people started to believe the 'rumour'”.

Principal Thompson continued by saying, “our students especially enjoyed Premier Wall's willingness to talk with them about the various projects they were doing in the classes they visited. From discussions on construction and the trades in the shop, to athletics and fitness in the gym, to chemistry in the lab, the students were impressed with the Premier's sincerity as well as his willingness to talk with them about their interests and their future.  Thank-you to the Premier and the Minister for making our day! They definitely created a positive buzz amongst the students at HCI”.




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