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September 26, 2011
For Immediate Release
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Horizon Schools Placed Under Review

At a regularly scheduled meeting held September 23, 2011 the Horizon School Division Board of Education passed a motion to review the viability of Bulyea School, Nokomis School and McClellan School in Young Saskatchewan. The schools were recommended for review based on previously approved review criteria established in the School Review Protocol.

Horizon School Division has a well-established process that follows Ministry guidelines and timelines. It is important to note that placing a school under review is not a motion to consider grade discontinuation or school closure. Initiation of a school review is the first step in a process which allows all parties to be aware that the school’s viability is a concern.

Under the current legislation a School Review Committee must be established. This committee will be comprised of up to four members of the current School Community Council, two members of the town/village council and two representatives of the council of municipalities in the school division. It will be this committee’s responsibility to:

  • Gain an understanding of the Board of Education’s review process and to share information with the Board of Education to facilitate in the development of viable options for the school that is under review,
  • To bring forward information and additional considerations to the Board of Education, in the form of written submissions, in the context of the school review and,
  • To share information respecting the review process with the public and to provide the Board of Education with written feedback from the public as the review progresses.
The Horizon School Division Board of Education and their senior administration remain very interested in discussing new opportunities that community members may bring forward through their School Review Committee.

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