About Workspaces

A Workspace is a shared area where users in a workgroup have access to FirstClass applications and resources that are of use to the group. Workspaces can be created by your administrator, by yourself, or by other users.
As an example, a Workspace designed for online meetings may contain:
• a conference for discussions
• a group calendar for scheduling meetings
• a contact database for storing information about contacts who are important to the group
• a documents container for storing permanent records
• a file storage container for storing uploaded files.

Creating Shared Workspaces

Step 1
Open the Workspaces Icon on your First Class Desktop
Step 2
Select "New Workspace" on the top menu bar.

Step 3
Select an "Empty Workspace"
A "New Workspace" will now appear in yout workspaces container. To rename this new workspace simply right click on the new workspace and select "Rename" at the bottom of the menu.

Step 4 - Adding a new document
- Open your new renamed workspace and on the top menu bar select "File" / "New" / "Document" (3232010_95530_3.png)
- A document selection page will now open. Select "Blank Document" 3232010_95644_4.pngA New Document will now appear in your newly created conference. To gove this document a new name folow the "Rename" step listed above.

Step 5 - Editing
You can now edit and save content into your new document. These First class documents are much the same as word documents. You can insert tables or import images or even copy and paste content from existing documents. When you are finished editing your document click save and close in the top left corner.

Step 6 - Protecting your Workspace
Go back to your newly created workspace.
Right click on the workspace
        - Select Permissions
        - Under the "Who" category select your name
        - Under "Access" select "Controller" - This will give you complete control over new workspace and anything within it.
Allow others to see your information
        - Again under the "Who" category enter the name of the person you would like to share the information with. You now can choose whether you want this person to be able to just read your information or edit the document. In this case we will allow the other person or people to just read the information and not have the ability to edit.
        - To ensure nobody else can access or view your information you can now close access to others by selecting that "All Users" are disallowed - See below.

Step 7 - Sharing your Workspace
You can now give those who you want to have access to your information a direct portal to your workspace.
Again, right click on the New Workspace
        - Select "Subscribers"
        - Click "Add a Subsciber" on the top menu
        - Enter the name of the person you wish to share with and click "ADD"
Your workspace will now appear on the First Class desktop of the person you selected and they will have direct access to your information with the permission that you assigned.