Creating a Personal Website

Your Web Publishing folder stores material that you want to publish on the web. This material can be:
• basic web pages, which are like documents
• blogs (online diaries)
• podcasts (collections of audio or video tracks)
• web versions of calendars
• lists of uploaded files, such as PDFs or photos
• lists of useful links.
Your website contents are listed in the tree view in your Web Publishing folder located on your FirstClass desktop.
The order in which items are listed is the order in which they will appear in your web site's navigation bar. You can further structure your website by organizing your material into web folders.
The first object in the tree that isn't a folder or a link is automatically your home page (the first page people see when they go to your site).
You can change the overall appearance of your website by clicking Appearance and choosing a new template. You can also change the appearance of individual objects.
To see what your website looks like as you develop it, click View in Browser.


Creating content for your Website

1. Open Web Publishing.
2. Click New Web Page.
3. Select the template for the type of object you want to create.
4. Update the object's content.
If you are creating a blog, you first create the blog, then create dated entries for your blog by clicking New Blog Entry.
If you are creating a podcast, you first create the podcast, then add tracks to your podcast by clicking New Episode.
To provide a list of uploaded files, create a listing folder, then upload the files to it.
To provide a list of links, create the links in your Bookmarks folder, then create a web folder in Web Publishing. Copy or move the links
to your web folder.