FirstClass Tips, Tricks and Other Settings
View Deleted Items
If you delete an e-mail message you have the option to undelete it.  On your FirstClass desktop double-click the ‘Trash Can’.  A new window opens that displays all your deleted messages from today.
Find the e-mail message you want to keep.
Either right click the e-mail and select ‘Undelete’ or single click the e-mail and select the ‘Undelete’ button in the top menu bar.
Your e-mail message will now be placed back in its original location.
NOTE: FirstClass empties your trash can automatically every night.  You cannot change this setting.  Once your trash can is emptied the contents are permanently removed.
4152010_14020_0.png                 4152010_14020_1.png      4152010_14020_2.png
Unsend a Message
FirstClass has a handy feature that allows you to unsend an e-mail message after it has gone out.  This comes in handy if you noticed you have missed something in the e-mail or the content is incorrect. Please note that this only works for other division FirstClass accounts and not external internet accounts.  [You cannot unsend an e-mail send to]
To unsend your e-mail message follow these instructions:
Note: Your unsent message may appear in the ‘Drafts’ folder if you have this setup.


BCC (Blind Carbon Copy)
Blind Carbon Copy is a feature that allows you to send an e-mail to multiple parties but doesn’t allow them to see who the e-mail was sent to.
To setup a BCC you create an e-mail message like normal.
When your want to enter in the BCC recipients click the ‘View’ menu from the top of the window and select ‘Show BCC’.  You can also press “CTRL-B’ on your keyboard.
FirstClass will display a new BCC: address line in your e-mail.
Add the recipients as usual.

Enable Spell Checker
By default FirstClass doesn’t enable spell check when you send a message. You can manually setup a special check by clicking ‘Edit’ > ‘Check Spelling’.
To automatically have FirstClass check your messages’ spelling, do the following:

Default Message Font
You have the option to change your default font in your e-mail messages. To have it automatically set for every message (new or replies) do the following:
Note:  It is recommended to keep your text color dark as it’s easier to see.

Message History
FirstClass has a feature that allows you to view your e-mail messages if they have been read, forwarded, or replied to.  This feature will only work properly for e-mail sent to other division accounts.
To view the history on a message, single click the message and select ‘History’ from the top menu bar.
If you already have the e-mail message open, you can also click ‘History’ from the top menu bar.
You will then see a list showing what has occurred with the e-mail message.
Note: If your message is forwarded to another recipient you will not see who it was forwarded to.


Your Resume (Personal Info)
Your ‘Resume’ in FirstClass is like a phone book entry that others see in the division.  You can choose to edit yours, add in additional information, and a photo.  It is the same as adding a new contact into your personal address book.
To access your resume, press ‘CTRL’ and the number ‘5’ [CTRL-5].
You will have a new window appear with your resume information.  Change what you would like.
When finished making changes click ‘File’ > ‘Exit’

Screen Split
If you would like to have your e-mail message content displayed below your list of messages please do the following.  (This feature is similar to the look of Microsoft Outlook)
When in your Mailbox there is a little button on the bottom right of the window.  Each time you click this it will change the look of your mailbox (horizontal or vertical split).  Find the one you like best.


Flush Cache
At times FirstClass might not want to open attachments or seems to be acting strange. If this is happening, you can try clearing the FirstClass cache.


Customize Menu Icons
You can choose to add or remove icons to any window in FirstClass.  To do this right click the top Menu bar in a window and select ‘Customize Toolbars…’.
Click the ‘Category:’ drop down list to select the menu items.
Find the option you want to add, click, and drag it into your Menu bar.
You can also rearrange items by dragging them to a new position.
To delete an item right click the button and select ‘Remove Button’.

Subject/To E-Mail Position
FirstClass by default has the ‘Subject:’ before the “To:” field.  If you would like to edit this positioning to have ‘To:’ first please do the following:
Note: By default FirstClass uses the ‘FirstClass’ option.

Default FirstClass Setting                              Outlook Mail Setting
4152010_14021_17.jpg                4152010_14021_18.png

Setup Separate In/Out Boxes
If you would like to have separate ‘In’ and ‘Out’ boxes in your mailbox like Outlook,  please do the following:
Note: By default FirstClass uses ‘Unified Mailbox’.

4152010_14021_20.pngUnified Mailbox 4152010_14021_21.pngSeparate In/Out Boxes

FirstClass has two search options built into it.
Option 1 – Search current folder
When you’re in your mailbox or in a conference, you can use the ‘Filter’ box to search for items in that location.  Start typing your search word and it will start filtering messages. This is really quick.
Option 2 – Advanced Search
To do an advanced search or search through all your content, click the ‘Find’ button on the top menu bar.  A new window will appear and you can customize your search.
Enter in your search criteria and select the ‘Find’ button.

Mark a Message as Unread
If you have already opened and read an e-mail but want to flag it as unread, right click the e-mail message and select ‘Mark as Unread’.  Your message will now have the little red flag reappear as if you didn’t read it.

User Website
With each FirstClass account you have the option to create a website. Use the ‘Web Publishing’ option to do this.  For more information please check the FirstClass online help.
Your website address will be (ex: The ‘’ part is the same as your email address.

Setup Calendar Work Hours
You may wish to change the default setting for your calendar.