Instant Messaging

This feature allows you to “chat” with anyone on the system that has their preferences set to allow instant messaging.  Names in Italic on the Who’s Online List have instant messaging turned off.


Contributing to an Instant Message
To contribute to an instant message, type your input in the body of the Instant Message form. You can format your input and embed files
just as you can in any content. To add your input to the transcript, click Send or press Enter/Return.
You can also:
Embed a recording.  - Click Push to Talk. (Don't release this button until you are finished recording.)
Attach files to the instant message.  - Use the Attachments tab.
Invite others to join.  - Click Invite.
Tell people you are temporarily unavailable  - Click Pause.
Name an instant message that you started, Use the Setup tab. moderate it, or save the transcript

Joining a Public Chat Room
A public chat room appears as an icon inside a container. When a public chat room has active participants, a red balloon appears beside
the icon:
To join the chat room, double-click it.

Starting a Private Instant Message
1. Choose Collaborate > Instant Message.
Open the context menu from any occurrence of the name you want to invite, then choose Instant Message. If you use this method, skip steps 2 and 3.
2. Click Invite to invite users.
3. Select the users you want to invite.
4. Contribute to the instant message as you would to any other instant message.