FirstClass Applications
FirstClass has 10 core applications which include:
4152010_11252_0.png Mail - Private email. You, and all FirstClass users, have a personal Mailbox.
4152010_11252_1.jpg Calendars - Online scheduling of events (a time commitment, such as a meeting) and tasks (something that you need to do, such as submitting a report). You have a personal calendar, and you may also have access to public calendars.
4152010_11252_2.jpg Contact Management - Information about your personal contacts. You have a personal Contacts folder, and you may also have access to public contact databases.
4152010_11252_3.png Conferencing - Online forums primarily intended for discussions on related topics.
4152010_11252_4.jpg Instant Messaging - Real-time, online chats with others who are also online.
4152010_11252_5.png WorkSpaces - Online forums designed for workgroup collaboration.
4152010_11252_6.png Documents - Useful for recording and sharing information that you want to keep on a long term basis.
4152010_11252_7.png Web Publishing - A tool for building your own personal web site.
4152010_11252_8.png File Storage - A place to store uploaded files (files copied to the server) of various media, such as documents, pictures and sounds.
4152010_11252_9.png Bookmarks - Links to FirstClass objects and web pages.