File or document storage
To copy a file to a Conference or Workspace container, select the document you wish to store or share on your computer and drag it to the FirstClass container.

The File Storage folder on your Desktop is designed for storing uploaded files of various media types. In list view, the file type is
displayed. For pictures, you can display a thumbnail. There are also buttons on the toolbar for all the tasks you commonly do with files,
such as uploading and downloading them, previewing them, sending them to other users, and organizing them into subfolders.

Copying Files to Containers
To upload a file to a container:
1. Open the container.
2. Select the file on your computer.
3. drag and drop it into the selected storage or shared container.

Copying Files to Your Computer
To download a file to your computer:
1. Select the file.
2. Choose File > Download.
3. Select the location on your computer where you want the file copied.