Your Mailbox (E-Mail)

Opening E-Mail
To check your e-mail double click the ‘Mailbox’ in the top left corner of your desktop. Your mailbox will look similar to this.
If you have a little red flag beside a message, it indicates that it is a new message.  A red flag on your mailbox or a conference indicates that there are new messages inside.


To open an e-mail message just double click it.
To open attachments in an e-mail double click the attached file.  It will automatically open in the appropriate program.

Create an E-Mail Message
To create a new e-mail message do the following:

Note:  Names with an * at the end are students.
- If the recipient is an external address (ex:,, etc.) please ensure the address is correct.
Tip: If the send button is grayed out the e-mail address is not correctly entered. Please verify this and try to send the e-mail again.
Adding an Attachment
If you would like to attach a file to an e-mail please do the following:
You can also drag and drop file files in the grey section above the message body.

4152010_11854_4.jpg   4152010_11854_5.png

Replying to an E-Mail
You need to have an e-mail message open to be able to reply to it.  There are a couple different options that you can use to reply to e-mails.
To reply to an e-mail do the following:
        Note: If using ‘Reply All’ a shortcut to select all the e-mail content would be to click ‘CTRL-A’ while in the e-mail body.

Reply Position in E-Mail
By default, FirstClass adds new text to the bottom of an e-mail when you are replying.  Here are the steps to change this default setting.

Message Signature/Confidentiality Notice
If you would like to add your contact information and/or a confidentiality notice in every e-mail you send please use the following steps:

Automated Reply
The automatic reply feature is really useful if you will be away from work for any period of time and would like to alert people trying to e-mail you.
**To turn off the automatic reply just change the ‘Local mail:’ and ‘Internet mail:’ options to ‘No’.

--Automatic Reply Message Example--
I will be out of the office and unavailable until _________.  I'll respond to your e-mail after that date.  In case of an emergency, please contact the office at 306-365-4888.

E-Mail Management (Folders)
To help you keep your e-mails organized and separated, you can create folders to put certain e-mails into. You can also create folders inside of folders to help you organize things even more.
You will now have a new folder located in your mailbox.
Tip: You can also right-click an empty part of your mailbox and select ‘New Folder’.