Address Book/Contact Management

FirstClass has a built-in address book that you can use to store additional contacts for future use.  You can store everything from an e-mail address to mail information to birthdays.  This is usually used to store contacts that are not with the division.  FirstClass automatically allows you to e-mail any person in the division without having their e-mail address add to your contacts.
Note: The contacts that you add are only visible to you.

Adding a New Contact
There are two options to create new contacts.
Option 1 – A person sends you an e-mail message.
Tip: If you would like to add a person’s photo to a contact right-click the silhouette and select ‘Attach’.  Browse to the photo you will like to add and select ‘Open’.  The photo should have been added.

Option 2 – You have to enter e-mail address manually
To add an e-mail address for the contact select the ‘Email/URL’ tab.  Enter in the correct e-mail address and hit enter.

Mail Lists
You can also create ‘Mail List’ that allow you to add multiple people to a single mail list name.  This is handy when you need to e-mail multiple people but don’t want to always type in each person’s e-mail address.  You can then just type in the mail list name and it will e-mail everyone in your list.

Delete a Contact or Mail List
To delete an entry from your contacts, right-click the name and select ‘Delete’.