About Conferencing

FirstClass conferences are places for you and the others in your organization to exchange information about related topics. You can send messages to conferences just as you do to other users.
When a conference contains mail that you haven't read, it is flagged, just like your Mailbox. You can open the conference and read the messages posted there by others.
The advantage of conferences over private mail is that all messages concerning the same topic are stored in the same place. And you don't have to address a private message to multiple users or to a mail list that you have to keep up to date. You can simply address it to the conference.
Conferences can be created by your administrator, by yourself, or by other users. Your administrator determines which conferences are open to everyone in your organization, and you will see these conferences by clicking the Conferences application button in the navigation bar.
FirstClass has multiple conference setups that you will have access to (ex: Division Conference). These are designed to allow many people to correspond with each other easily.  Using a conference is just like using your mailbox.  You can view messages the same way and send messages to the conference the same way.

Conferences usually have an icon like this.

All available conferences should be visible on your desktop.  Double click it to open.