About Calendars

The FirstClass Calendar allows you to schedule events, send reminders, and share your calendar with other division users.
To open your calendar, double click the ‘Calendar’ icon on your FirstClass Desktop.
You can change the view of your calendar by select the different view options at the top of the window.

Adding Events
Editing & Viewing Events
To edit and view an event that is in your calendar, double click the event.  This will open up the event window.  Make any changes that you require and click the ‘Save and Close’ button at the top left of this window.

Adding Participants
You have the option to add participants to your calendar events if you would like to alert others of a common event (ex: staff meeting). If you are adding non division e-mail addresses to this list the recipient will get an e-mail message informing them of the event.

Deleting Events
To delete a calendar event, right-click the event name and select ‘Delete’.  You will get a message confirming if you want to delete the event. Click ‘Cancel’ to not delete the event, or click ‘Delete’ to permanently delete the event from your calendar.
You can also delete a calendar event by opening the event (double click the event) and clicking the ‘Delete’ button on the top of the window.  You will also get the warning message confirming your delete.
Note:  You will not be able to delete events from your calendar if someone else has added you as a participant to their calendar event.