About Bookmarks
Bookmarks are links that provide quick access to FirstClass objects and web pages. You double-click them to open the objects to which
they link (the targets).
Your Bookmarks folder contains all links that you have created as bookmarks or moved to this folder. The contents of the Bookmarks
folder are also accessible from this toolbar button:

Creating Bookmarks
You can create a bookmark by:
• Choosing File > New > New Bookmark, then filling in the Info form
Supply the full path to the target at "URL".
• Selecting the target object, then choosing Collaborate > Add to Bookmarks.
The Info form automatically shows the path at "URL".

Bookmarking a Web Page
To add a bookmark to your FirstClass Bookmarks folder when you are on a web page:
1. Add the Add to FirstClass Bookmarks button to your browser.
If you didn't add this button the first time you opened your Bookmarks folder, click Add Browser Buttons in that folder.
2. Click Add to FirstClass Bookmarks when you are on the web page.

Importing your Browser's Bookmarks
To import the bookmarks you have created in your web browser:
1. Export those bookmarks from your web browser to a file.
2. Open your Bookmarks folder in FirstClass.
3. Click Import Bookmarks and select the file.