Hear Ye!  Hear Ye!  (May 6/2011)
On Monday, April 18 a Medieval Feast was hosted by Mrs. Baade and Mrs. VanDamme’s Grade 11/12 English class in the Imperial Banquet Hall (Gym).  A delicious Medieval meal of chicken, ribs, carrots, potatoes, soup, fruit and scones was prepared and served by the students for their parents, where the only utensil allowed to be used was a knife!  Two community members, King Keith Busche and Queen Kay Busche humorously presided over the evening of Elizabethan entertainment.  The students prepared informational, theatrical, musical, technical and artistic presentations.  Court jesters entertained the guests between the student performances which ranged from the construction of a Globe Theatre and castles, to a student-created song, a “Wayne and Shuster” play, traditional music, a jousting match, a group video and several oral presentations.  The Feast was the culminating activity for the students’ contract on Hamlet.  A fun and educational evening was had by all!

- Logan Roney explaining her model of the Globe Theatre
- Michelle Joa and Olivia Meredith singing "Greensleeves"
- Jousting - Fraser Anderson, Zach Goodsman, Andrew Wolff
- Logan Rieger and Regan Nicolay reciting a sonnet to the Queen
- David Baade and Byron Goodsman performing Wayne and Shuster's "Rise the Blood of my Toga"
- Mrs. Baade and Mrs. VanDamme's Gr. 11/12 English class at the Medieval Feast