Building Supports For SCC’s
On Monday April 5, approximately 50 School Community Council members from several Horizon schools gathered at the Humboldt Public School for an annual workshop entitled “Building Supports For School Community Councils.” Along with local Board of Education members the SCC representatives were provided valuable information that focused on the roles and responsibilities of School Community Councils and how to achieve success in these roles.
Facilitated by Superintendent Linda Mattock the attendees were also introduced to a newly formed focus group that consists of SCC members from Quill Lake, Drake, Kelvington, LeRoy, Muenster, Lake Lenore, Wakaw and Strasbourg Schools. School Community Councils play a very important role and this new focus group will take on the task of helping all SCC’s develop and grow in their roles within Horizon schools.
A second meeting for schools in the eastern half of Horizon School Division is planned for 7:00 PM Wednesday April 6, at the Quill Lake School.
For SCC resources and to learn more about School Community Councils please visit the Horizon School Division Website.