RMES Staff Appreciation Week 2011 article

By Sara McChesney

Last week was an extra busy one for the staff members at Robert Melrose Elementary School (RMES), as the School Community Council (SCC) organised something special every day as part of Staff Appreciation Week.

To start the week of pampering off the teachers and staff members were treated to an afternoon tea on Monday, which was Valentine’s Day. The food served included meatballs with cranberry dipping sauce, creamy chicken and salsa bites, fresh fruit with orange cream cheese dip and praline dust and meringue nests (mini pavlovas) with lemon cream and raspberries. There was also a meat and cheese tray, basil and cashew dip with crackers and a sweets tray with Mars Bar slice, rich chocolate fudge, shortbread ‘buttons’ and chocolate cherry pate. A Mary Kay representative attended the afternoon tea and the staff members were able to try a variety of products. Two Mary Kay gift bags were kindly donated as part of a draw and each staff member received a separate bag of Mary Kay products as a gift from the SCC.

On Tuesday SCC members helped each student write something that they liked or appreciated about their teacher or a staff member on a red cardboard apple. The apple shapes were then attached to a paper tree, which is on display outside the staff room. SCC members also helped each student make a tissue paper flower. The students wrote their names on a tag which they attached to the pipe cleaner stems so the staff members would know who made each flower. The bouquets were then presented to the teachers and staff in appreciation of all that they do for the students.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday entailed some suspense, as each day there was a big wrapped box waiting for the staff members to open. Wednesday’s box held 15 humorous school staff member ‘survival kits’, which consisted of the following:
On Thursday the staff members opened that day’s box to discover gift bags containing various chocolates and candy for them to indulge in. A fruit platter was also delivered on behalf of the school division for the staff members to enjoy.

To end the week the staff members opened their last box and received a pampering gift bag containing two kinds of homemade bath bombs/shower fizzies (citrus to invigorate and lavender to relax), homemade chocolate body wash/bubble bath and a sachet of olive oil body scrub.

Hopefully the week’s events showed the staff members how much their efforts are appreciated and that they are now enjoying their well-deserved winter break!