HPS Celebrates Opening of New Library (February 8/2011)
HPS has a reason to celebrate! Lots of reasons, actually! After years of leaking windows and a leaky roof, the library space has been completely renovated and the library has moved back into its home officially!

Starting just after Thanksgiving, 2010, the library underwent major restorative renovations. The roof was take right off to a screen and we could see outside as they ripped off the old roof and rebuilt a new roof! The walls were reframed and insulated. New drywall was put in as were new windows. The ceiling was completely redone and new, more energy-efficient lights were added which has brightened up the whole space. With  new paint, new carpet and the desk redone all in earth-tones, the library is a warm and welcoming space, a hub in our school.

On Tuesday, Feb.1, 2011, we kicked off “We love our new library” month here at HPS. The students filled out hearts listing their reasons why they love our new library which  make up the bulletin board displays in the library. All students were brought down to the library for cupcakes and juice  throughout the morning. The staff and invited guests congregated there at recess time for a brief presentation by Mrs. Mulhern, the librarian, and Mr. Hill, the principal, before being treated to cupcakes and coffee. Following this, a tour was provided for all interested guests. All in all, it was a wonderful way to celebrate the end of one journey and a new beginning to the next.

        - submitted by Vicki Mulhern

 282011_34940_1.jpgPrincipal Dave Hill gives a brief history of the journey the HPS library has been on.
282011_34928_0.jpgMrs. Mulhern welcomes the guests and staff to the library opening.
282011_35403_1.jpgPatricia Scott, Superintendent, sits with HPS Staff at the opening of the library.
282011_34955_2.jpgStaff and guests congregate for  the opening of the HPS library.