HCAA Provincial Competitors 2010-2011
(Provincial medalists bolded)


Grass Golf Male (field of 82):
Grass Golf Male Team (field of 15):
Grass Golf Female (field of 53):
Sand Golf Male (field of 33):
Sand Golf Female (field of 23):
Sand Golf Team (field of 8)
Cross Country
Midget Boys (field of 83):
Midget Girls (field of 92):
Junior Boys (field of 77):
Junior Girls (field of 85):
Senior Boys (field of 116):
Senior Girls (field of 102):
School Teams:
HCAA District Teams (of 14 Districts; no official award):

7 v 7 Boys:
1A Girls:
1A Boys:
2A Girls:

1A 6-man:
2A 6-man:

1A Girls
2A Girls
3A Girls
4A Girls
1A Boys
3A Boys
4A Boys