Wakaw School
Tuesday, October 19th – BANNOCK
During Period 6 the Opportunity Classroom will be going around each classroom and giving each student a taste tester of Bannock that they made for the school.
Thursday, October 21st – STEPHEN LAPOINTE
Stephen will be going to the classrooms to discuss diversity with the students.  The times are approximately:
Period 2 – K -3         Period 3 – 4-6          Period 4 – 7-9          Period 5 – 10-12        
If there are specific issues that you would like him to address within your classroom, please tell Ms.Beck and she will pass the information on to Stephen.       
Friday, October 22nd – TOUR OF THE MUSEUM
The students will be going to the museum for a tour.  This will involve Grades 1 – 6.  The times are scheduled as follows:
Grade 1 and 2 – 1:00 – 1:30     Grade 3 and 4 – 1:30 – 2:00   Grade 5 and 6 – 2:00 – 3:00
During Period 4 we will gather in the gym to see some of our school’s talent in Ukrainian Dancing and violin playing.

Viscount Central School
Visit website - http://viscountschool.hzsd.ca/

Humboldt Public School
Visit website - http://humboldtpublicschool.hzsd.ca/

Foam Lake Comp
Motivational Media - celebrating diversity and understanding differences, Wed. morning grade 1-5 360 degree surround sound multi media presentaiton, 6-8 presentation, 9-12.  Bus driver appreciation day, breakfast for all the bus drivers and mechanics.  Foam Lake Composite SRC invited the bus drivers and garage staff to an appreciation  breakfast at the school.  Principal Garth Anderson thanked the bus drivers and staff for their dedication to students and  for keeping our buses safe and on the road.  Pancakes, toppings,  sausage and coffee were served after bus evacuation on Monday, October 18

Quill Liake School
This week we are being treated to a hot breakfast courtesy of Accent Credit Union (school appreciation breakfast).
Our Fall Extravaganza (meet the teacher night) is also happening this week.
The SRC is putting on a BYOB (build your own burger) lunch this week.
It has been a great week so far and looks to get better.

Kelvington High School
October 18 to 22 is Education Week with the theme being "Valuing Diversity".  The events planned for the week are as follows:   
                        Monday  Music Day - mini lessons over the internet and world music in the foyer
                        Tueday  Library Day - all students will visit the Library to check out a DEAR book
                        Wednesday       Sports / Coaches Day - dress up as your favorite sport or coach
                        Thursday        Culture Day - family trees and scavenger hunt using dayplanners 
                        Friday  Rider Pride Day - wear you favorite Rider gear

Robert Melrose School
The theme for Education Week this year is Valuing Diversity. Our activities will include the following:
        Oct. 18 – Thank you to all the Bus Drivers from our school, specifically,  Greg and Lorna Neizgoda, Renee and Elaine Patenaude, Barb and Charles Bagnall, Ralph Rosenthal, Cliff Pinder/Shauna Smith, Brad Guy, Richard Hall, Peggy Olson and Wendy and Dale Banadyga. You are a valued part of our school community and we would like to extend a Thank You to you all on this Provincial Bus Driver Appreciation Day!
        Oct. 19-20- Scholastic Book Fair – 12 – 5 pm in the RMES Gym
        Oct. 21 – International Singing – Celebrate our cultural diversity and join us at 1:00 p.m.  while we sing songs that celebrate various cultures and our own Melting Pot in Saskatchewan – this, of course, refers to the many heritages in our province and how “we are many, and we are one” .
Because Kindergarten will not be here on the 22nd, parents are invited to join the Kindergartens in their classroom for some math activities following the singing in the gym on the 21st.  Refreshments will be served.
        Oct. 22 – Parents, Caregivers and Community members are invited to the school to see a Math lesson in action. This will begin at 9:15 a.m. Please choose the 1 classroom you would like to visit. You will witness the New Math in action and see the diverse ways in which this subject is taught in our school. A beverage and a snack will be provided by the SCC and served at 10:20.
Happy Education Week to all! We look forward to you visiting the school.

Activities for Education Week at GGEC – Come Join the Fun!
Monday, October 18th - Muffin and a Book: Come and read a book with your child or grandchild and enjoy a muffin together.
Tuesday, October 19th - Open House: 4 to 6 pm. Meet the teacher, tour the classroom and join us for soup and bannock.
Wednesday, October 20th - Drum circle day. Students will particpate in drum circle with Anita Holtvogt.
Thursday, October 21st - Pancake Breakfast. Everyone is invited to join GGEC in the gym for a pancake breafast from 8:30 am to 9:30 a.m.
Art Project for Grades 4, 5 & 6 with Theresa Hohne.
Grade 7 & 8, will go to Raymore School and enjoy the motivational guest speaker Mark Black for the afternoon.
Friday, October 22nd - Smartie Day. Each class dressing in different colour.
Buddy Projects 11:00 a.m.
First Nation Motivational Speaker Rodger Ross 1:00 p.m.
Powwow Drum Group and Round Dance: 2:00

Wynyard Elementary
On Monday, bus drivers were treated to coffee and donuts for Bus Driver Appreciation Day.

On Wednesday, our Super Student Council hosted "Culture Day" to fit the theme of Valuing Diversity.  Students were encouraged to bring costumes, flags, food, etc. that represented and celebrating their very diverse cultural backgrounds.

Wednesday was also our annual Open House where parents and other community members were invited to visit the school to meet teachers, tour classrooms, and discuss education in general.  This was very much a student-led gathering for students to highlight some of the great things that have been going on in their classrooms.

The WES Eco-kids club also hosted activities in conjuction with Waste Reduction Week during Education week, as the 2 events coincided.  Activities included Scrap paper day, a used book sale, Compost day, and Litterless lunch day.

McClellan School

1. An SCC pancake breakfast to kick off the week

2. Kids on the Block - An educational and entertaining puppet performance. The focus of Kids on the Block is to increase acceptance and appreciation of differences, which are central to our communities. By providing awareness of disabilities through the use of large puppets and live theatre the Kids on the Block are able to educate and dispel myths relating to individuals who have disabilities

3. We are  hosting two authors

Monday, after lunch the grades 5-8 (split up 4-6)
Tuesday, after lunch K-4

4. Book fair will be Monday-Wednesday.

5. Artist in Residence (from Meacham) is doing different lessons with all students

6. In - Motion walk for all

Education Week poster.pdf

Ituna school
Fall Supper and Open House on October 24th as well as an SRC sponsored nutrition positive Taco lunch during education week.

St. Brieux School

St. Brieux Education Week 2010.pdf

Annaheim School
On Monday, Oct. 18 we invited a guest author Shelley A. Leedahl to our school.  She gave three presentations, K-3, 4-6, and 7-12.  Shelley is a fulltime multi-genre writer and a member of the Saskatchewan Literary Community.  She has been the recipient of a number of National and International Fellowships.  We also declared Education Week, waste reduction week in our school.  Thursday, Oct. 21was our waste free lunch day.  Garbage from each classroom was weighed on Wednesday, Oct. 20 and a classroom winner declared.  There were no garbage cans in the classrooms on Thursday, Oct. 21.  On Wednesday, Oct. 20, 5:30 - 7:00 pm was our Meet, Greet and Eat Night.  This was organized by the school and School Community Council.  Everyone was invited.  The SCC provided lunch for everyone.  It was an informed gathering with all support staff, including caretakers and bus drivers, all teaching staff, and SCC members being introduced.  It gave everyone a chance to mingle, meet the staff and visit classrooms.

Bruno School
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