HPS Book Fair
October 4, 5, and 6 saw  the gym at HPS a flurry of activity as the Book Fair Safari rolled into town and what a fabulous success it was! With more space and more stock than ever before, shoppers were delighted  with the books they were able to purchase and order! The back orders are in and have all been delivered and we are tying up the last few details before we start looking ahead to the spring.  With approximately $2700 in Scholastic credit, the library staff will be starting to look at purchasing books and resources to fill up our shelves!
There were several contests during the book fair and several staff and students went home with prizes. Winners were as follows:

Family Event Draw for $25 in books and $25 for the classroom teacher: Acacia Hergott and Leah Hergott, grade 3

-3 Guess the # of pages: Nathan Spuzak, Kindergarten

Grades 4-8 Guess the # of pages: Scott Kozak, Grade 5

Guess the # of Animal Crackers: Jayden Huls, Grade 4 (guess was 550, actual was 557)

Winners of the Staff draws for $15 in books: Derek Mulhern, Irene Shadbolt, Jo Ann Hyde and Darlene Popoff.

Winners of the Locker contest: One  for PreK, Kindergarten and Grade 1, Mitch Girolami,  Jonathon Sterling, Lisa Popoff, Shyanna Reich, Amy Plaquin, Jayna Schuler, Tia Peeequaquat, Jonathon Freeman, Acacia Hergott and Daryl Campeau

The Literacy Promotion Program is an initiative that has been running in our school for a couple of years now. It runs in conjunction with the book fair in both the spring and the fall. Prior to the book fair, Mrs. Mulhern contacts local businesses and companies requesting a monetary donation in an amount of their choosing. That money is then turned into coupons worth $5.00 which can be used at the upcoming book fair. Students earn coupons by following the behavior policy and “keeping it above the line.”  Coupons are redeemable only at that particular book fair and MUST be put towards a book.

A great big shout out to this Fall’s sponsors: Hergott Electric, Hergott Farm Equipment, Hergott Seidel and Associates, PAMI, Potashcorp Lanigan and BHP Billiton.   Because of their generosity, we were able to put books in the hands of 120 students which is FANTASTIC!!!

Last but not least, we want to give a bouquet of thanks to our Grade 6 class and Mr. McCullum who provided the amazing decorations for the book fair. There were lots of compliments  on the décor! Good job!