Celebration at Punnichy Elementary Community School

Monday, November 1, 2010 was an exciting day at Punnichy Elementary Community School as invited guests gathered to celebrate the addition of two new portable classrooms.

Principal Kinequon began the event by welcoming the guests and describing how the new classrooms have affected the school. “The students are really excited about the new classrooms and they have made a big difference to our school. Since the enrolment at the school continues to grow we had run out of space and even had to move some classes into the staff room. These new classrooms have relieved that congestion and have provided students with a facility where they can continue to learn and grow.”

Congratulatory messages were delivered by representatives from the local First Nations communities, Elders, SCC members and the Mayor of Punnichy.  Horizon School Division Board Trustee for subdivision #9, Chris Weiss, spoke to the advantages of investment in education. “Having a new facility in place where students can learn the skills required for the world of tomorrow is indeed an investment in our future. I also think that there is no better investment that we can make than an investment in education of the highest possible quality. Projects like this will ensure that Horizon School Division will continue to be “A Community of Learning and Achieving.”

Following the opening celebrations the new classrooms were then officially opened with a “Stepping In” ceremony. In this ceremony two students were accompanied into the new section of the school by their grandparents. The opening ceremony was then completed with a prayer by Elder Irvin Crow-Buffalo followed by an honor song by local musician, Ashley Whitehawk.

Guest were then invited into the classrooms for an opportunity to interact with the students.