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10312011_123252_1.png                                                                     October 2011

HPS Concept Designs Unveiled

As the HCI project is nearing completion focus is beginning to switch to Horizons next stage in of commitment to education in Humboldt that includes a new Humboldt Public School. Approximately 50 people attended the official unveiling of the concept designs for the new school held on October 12, 2011.

During the public meeting, Stantec designer Richard Stone provided and in depth walk through of the proposed designs. He explained how current portions of HPS will eventually be combined with sections of the current HCI to create a single education facility.

It is anticipated that the project will begin in the spring of 2012 and is estimated to take approximately 18 months to complete. The new facility will boast a floor space of about 4400 square meters of learning space, impressive glass features and an expanded outdoor play area. The new school will be a bright, beautiful, comfortable and a technologically advanced learning environment that will meet the needs of Humboldt students for years to come.

During opening comments, Horizon Board Chair, Shirley Allan stated the following. “The Horizon School Division Board of Education is proud to be a part of this project. We are thankful that we can work together with our partners to ensure that HPS and Humboldt continue to be A Community of Learning and Achieving”.

Note: The concept drawings below are subject to change and approval by the Ministry of Education

HPS Schematic1.pdf
HPS Schematic2.pdf
Board 3.pdf
Board 4.pdf

Family Fun at WDS
On Wednesday October 26 WDS had an excellent turnout for Family Fun Night. Each classroom sponsored a game for the children.  Many families and businesses provided gifts for the Silent Auction and purchasing areas.  As children completed a game they were awarded coupons.  They then could "buy" various items.  WDS would like to thank those who gave gifts for this endeavour. The event was a lot of work for school staff and SCC,  but well worth the effort as over $2000.00 was raised which will be used for facitlity improvement.  As the pictures show, the children were really the "winners" as they so enjoyed the evening!


Horizon Central Office Fundraises for Breast Cancer
Through online contributions, raffles and cash donations the Lanigan Central Office raised $550.00 for Breast Cancer Reasearch. The fundraising was done throughout October and was capped off by dressing for the cause on Friday October 28.

Education Week At Winston High School
One of the highlights of Education Week at Winston High School was the Junior Drama Performance of "Cinderella".  There were three shows on October 20th.  In the morning we were joined by Watrous Pre-schoolers and the students from Watrous Elementary School.  In the afternoon students from Young, Drake, Nokomis, Viscount, and Lanigan watched the performance along with residents of Manitou Lodge.

During Education Week our grade 11's attended a "Ready For Work" presentation.  Our Junior Volleyball Team co-hosted a 16 team tournament with McClellan School form Young.  And, our grade 8 students listened to a Saskatchewan Author.  


Education Week At Annaheim School
Annaheim School planned three events for Education Week.  Guest author, Bonnie Logan visited the school to give two readings to grades K-4 and grades 5-12.  The Annaheim SCC invited everyone, school and community, to a meet, greet and eat evening with lunch provided by the SCC.  There was a small presentation along with an opportunity to meet with the staff and SCC members.  Norbert Georget was invited to provide a presentation on bullying to our grade 3-8 students, and a presentation on drinking and driving, drugs and alchohol, texting and driving to our grade 7-12 students.

Quill Lake School Education Week Activities
Education Week was a busy time at Quill Lake School!  To view the weeks events from QLS and more pictures Click Here

Fall Extravaganza
Mystery Reader - Canada Post

Grade 9 Students Showcase St. Brieux School
As a part of Education Week the following video was played at the St. Brieux School open house to showcase all the great things happening at the school. Positive feedback was received from parents and community members alike.
Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.

Wadena Comp Students Involved in Ferret Recovery Program
The Wadena Composite High School students were involved in the 3rd release of Black-Footed Ferrets on October 18.  27 students went on the three-day excursion which took them to Cypress Hills for an evening of camping and hiking before heading to Grasslands National Park.  The Black-Footed Ferret is Canada's rarest mammal, numbering approximately 15 before this release.  The original release occurred on October 2, 2009.  Wadena students were also in attendance for this.  The release has been considered one of  Canada's most significant reintroductions as Black-Footed Ferrets were extinct in Canada for over 70 years!

The day began with a guided hike of 70-Mile Butte with various types of biology specialists.  Along the three-hour hike, the students learned about the native plants and mammals as well as studied tipi rings and animal prints.  The highlight may have been the sighting of the prairie rattlesnake.  Following the hike, the group went to Val Marie where a short briefing on safety and ferret release took place.  The group then had the opportunity to watch the newest release of the "Nature of Things" featuring the original ferret release and its significance.  With Parks Canada officials, including the head of the Western parks, accompanying the Wadena group, the students were then off to release the ferrets.  Students were required to find specific Black-Tailed Prairie Dog burrows by GPS before releasing the ferrets. All of the students were given various jobs to perform during the release as extensive documentation was required. The entire event was filmed by numerous TV crews and articles were made by various newspapers.
Learn more about the recovery program - Click Here


Education Week At PCES
During Education Week, Punnichy Elementary had two very special groups visit the school.  On Tuesday, October 18th, the Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Council, Junior Concert performers did a play for the Grade One to Fours.  The Duffebag Theatre group performed Beauty and the Beast which was very well done and loads of laughs.  A few of our students acted the parts of Beauty, Beast,  and the father.  On Friday, October 21st we hosted the Cultural Exchange artists.  Five very taleted artists and performers spent the day doing sessions with all the grades.  The students were able to take part in music, dance, writing, film arts and drama sessions.  The artists were very knowledgable and skilled in their areas and our students were very enthused about the sessions they were able to take part in.


KHS Recognizes Education Week
In recoginition of Library Week and Education week, October 17 - 21, the Kelvington High School Library had a group of Saskatchewan writers from the Tisdale s writers group that made presentations to all students at KHS. The writers enjoyed lunch provided by the SCC.
Tisdale writers group L - R Donna Cunningham, Helen Perrin Clark, Murial Popp and Libraian Bernie Jensen



Displaying Patriotism
KHS School Community Council felt that it is important to acknowledge our country by recognizing the importance of o Canada. From October 17 -21, O Canada has been played in 5 different versions and KHS the students are going to vote on which o Canada they wish to have played in the morning as well as assemblies and other functions the school hosts. In the photo attatched photo, the grade 12 Math C30 grade shows their patriotism.

Honoring Terry Fox
Following their Terry Fox Run on September 26, Archerwill School took advantage of the nice weather to spell out Terry's name on the playground.

VCS Book Fair - Out Of  This World!
On behalf of  VCS we would like to extend our greatest appreciation to our Book Fair volunteers who spent many hours decorating the library and working with the students at our annual Scholastic Book Fair.  Loretta Polischuk, Jacquie Meddins, Leona Goodsman, Nola McLaren, and our fearless librarian, Lynette Clavelle.  You guys are "out of this world"!
Christy Baumann

Safe And Caring Schools
The Horizon School Division Board of Education invited parents, staff and students that focuses on the topic of Safe and Caring Schools in Horizon School Division.  In order to continuously strive to provide quality education in a safe and caring learning environment, the survey enabled participants to provide input into the following topics.
  • Safety and well-being
  • School environment
  • Transportation safety

Raising Money For The Terry Fox Campaign
On Friday September 23 the staff and students of William Derby School raised $6,111.00 for the Terry Fox campaign and had fun on the way.  Way to go WDS!  


New Board Member
I hereby give public notice that no voting for the said office(s) will take place and that the following person is elected by acclamation:
Subdivision 14  Fishing Lake First Nation                       Melva Desjarlais
Dated at Lanigan, this 7th  day of October, 2011

Vincent Gaudet
Returning Officer

Congratulations to Paige Crozon
Paige Crozon  from Humboldt Collegiate has been selected to the Canadian National Basketball team. The announcement came from the Canadian Olympic Committee. Paige will play for Team Canada at the Pan - American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico from October 20 - 25.
Visit the Basketball Canada website for more infomation - Click Here

Watrous Winston High School To Host SLC 2012
Our challenge to you is to take the initiative to "Make a Wave"; make a change and make a difference in all aspects of your life. We believe that one small act can grow into a wave of possibilities. You never know what you can achieve...
Check out the SLC 2012 website! Click the image below.

Welcome Breakfast at WDS
On Friday September 9 the staff of William Derby School served pancakes and bacon to all 247 students at WDS as a welcome back.  The students enjoyed this time of eating and fellowship in the gym with the rest of the student body and staff.  What a treat and a great way to come back to school!


2011 Student Recognition Awards
Congratulations from the Horizon School Division Board of Education

Kathryn Sarauer
Annaheim School
Dawn Dust
Bruno School
Jade Richardson
Cudworth School
Charlene Patterson
Foam Lake Composite
Sarah Bunko
Humboldt Collegiate Institute
David Baade
Imperial School
Sarah Kozun
Ituna School
Tracy Beaton
Kelvington High School
Tyler Moellenbeck
Lake Lenore School
Clay Wiens
Lanigan Central High School
Rachel Buhs
LeRoy School
Nicole Dyck
McClellan School
Megan Shortland
Muenster School
Brooke Mutch
Nokomis School
Allison Severight
Punnichy High School
Courtney Erickson
Quill Lake School
Quinn Seidler
Raymore School
Megan Bjerland
Rose Valley School
Alana Fahlman
Schell School
Katelyn Major
St. Brieux School
Taylor Krentz
Three Lakes School
Christine Koob
Viscount Central School
Miranda Turnball
Wadena Composite High  School
Tyler Harrison
Wakaw School
Kora Hayter
Watrous Winston High School
Ty Hoesgen
Watson School
Abbey Wild
William Derby School
Alana Craig
Wynyard Composite High School

Schell School Terry Fox Run
Schell School Terry Fox Run took place on September 30, 2011.  We were pleased to have Mr. Paproski join us this year for the 10 K run.  He completed the run in 64:37 mins before rushing off to a meeting in Lanigan.  It was a special year for Schell as it was our 25th year participating in the run.  Our goal was to raise $895.35, which would give Schell School a 25 year total of $20,000.00 raised for Cancer Research.  The school surpassed their goal by raising $1500.00.

Nokomis Student Participates in Reality TV
Read more.......9262011_100048_0.pngYTV's In Real Life
        One of Nokomis School's grade 9 students, Sydney Reynolds, was given a chance at an amazing opportunity this summer. Last year, Sydney created a video entry for the chance to be on YTV's In Real Life and she was chosen to be a competitor on the show! The television series, which is similar to The Amazing Race, has competitors doing real life challenges all over North America. Although Sydney can not say much about her experience yet, we are anxious to see how she does and look forward to talking with her more in depth about her experience once the show ends. This seasons In Real Life airs beginning on Monday, October 3rd and will for run 10-one hour episodes every Monday. Look for Sydney and cheer her on!

Montreal, QC
Mon., Oct. 3 at 7 p.m. ET/PT
Our challengers are put through their paces in their very first experience as army recruits! They navigate a tough obstacle course, test their resourcefulness by setting up camp in the field and ride Jeeps in hostile territory as part of a patrol. With drill instructors pushing them to their limits, challengers try to soldier their way to the top. In the first twist of the season, challengers get to choose their own teammates!
clip_image002.jpgAbout SYDNEY
Hometown: Nokomis, SK
Age: 13
Sydney has been dancing competitively and winning loads of awards in all kinds of styles from ballet to hip hop since age four. Her friends say she’s kind, creative and tons of fun. In her small hometown, everyone knows each other and there are only 55 kids in her school. But she likes imagining how big the universe is and would love to become an astronaut.

Congratulations to Shannon Dobko, one of Horizon’s Student Services Coordinators, who completed her PhD in Educational Administration in June. Shannons research focus was student engagement. She examined how school risk and protective conditions effected student engagement levels. She also examined the effects of school conditions for specific groups of students; those who were suspended during the previous year, those who displayed violent behavior, and those who were not successful academically. Way to go Dr. Dobko!

HPS Wins “Mosaic Extreme School Makeover Challenge”
Commitments to healthy lifestyle choices has paid off for two Saskatchewan schools who have won “Mosaic Extreme School Makeover Challenge” awards today.
Saskatchewan schools were invited to take part in the Saskatchewan Nutrition Advisory Council for Kids (SNACK)/Mosaic Extreme School Makeover Challenge which encourages schools to create and commit to implementing action plans that foster healthier school environments for students.
The grand prize winners are St. Mary School, Moose Jaw and Humboldt Public School, Humboldt. The two schools will share $10,000 in cash. Walk to Breakfast is a partnership of SNACK and the Mosaic Company with support of the Saskatchewan School Boards Association.  Read More…..2011 Walk MEDIA RELEASE.pdf

Comments from Principal Dave Hill
“Our timing is perfect. Very shortly our school will be undergoing major renovations, a make over. As the high school moves into its brand new school, we will be renovating and moving. It is going to be great but it is a building make over. What we are celebrating today is an inside the building makeover. We are making over the way we look at the overall well being of the staff and students of HPS. A year ago we started planning for ways in which we can enhance the opportunities for healthier living within HPS. We have found and committed to many initiatives such as continuing and enhancing our daily snack program, actively moving in PE class, including grades 5 & 6 in intramurals, enrolling grade 8s in the Fourth R program designed help students make educated choices and many more.
We feel very fortunate to be chosen. Health is a priority in all schools and we thank the Ministry and programs like SNACK, Breakfast for Learning, SPEA and many more for support, and guidance.
I would like to thank the staff and friends of our school for their help and team work putting this action plan together and for the hard work they will undertake in implementing our makeover action plan.
Thank you to Kelly and Breakfast for Learning , Ruth and the SNACK program and Mosaic for recognizing our school as a place were good health and happiness are priorities.
Thank you to all of the dignitaries who have joined us and celebrated with us.
Thanks to the grade 4’s for hosting and entertaining us.
Thanks to our parents who entrust their children to us every day.
And most of all thank you to the students of HPS because you guys rock”.

Gathering For Elders
The Office of the Treaty Commissioner (OTC) and Horizon School Division hosted a gathering for Elders on Tuesday June 14th at Punnichy Elementary School.  Elders from George Gordon, Day Star, Muskowekwan, Fishing Lake, Yellow Quill and Kawacatoose First Nations were in attendance.  Focusing on the topic of Treaty Education in Saskatchewan, facilitator Susan Beaudin from the OTC provided information about the work currently underway to support treaty teaching in the classroom.  Treaty Education was mandated by the Saskatchewan government in 2008 and the Office of the Treaty Commissioner has been working with school divisions to implement treaty education by providing professional development for teachers.  Elders play a key role in this curriculum, sharing First Nation worldview and telling stories that deepen students’ learning.  The gathering provided an opportunity to invite Elders from communities within or near to Horizon School Division to hear about treaty teaching in the schools and the role that Elders can play.
Thank you to Joanne Cunningham, First Nations and Metis Education Coordinator, Horizon School Division

2010 - 2011 General Proficiency Award Winners
Each year the Ministry of Education awards scholarships to 500 students from across province through the Saskatchewan General Proficiency Awards program. The $400 scholarships are awarded to students in order to reward excellence and to encourage the pursuit of post-secondary education.
We are proud to announce the 21 winners from Horizon School Division for the 2010 – 2011 school year. These students were selected based on merit, as they successfully met the criteria of achieving high average marks in seven (7) 30-level courses. Congratulations to all the winners.

Student Name
Jessica Hanson
Winston High School
Curtis Clavelle
Viscount School
Nicole Dyck
McClellan School
Nicole Harding
Humboldt Collegiate Institute
Emily Whittaker
Humboldt Collegiate Institute
Camille Flavel
Schell School
Clay Wiens
Lanigan Central High School
Courtney Erickson
Quill Lake School
Kelsey Seipp
Humboldt Collegiate Institute
Alana Craig
Wynyard Composite High School
Alana Fahlman
Schell School
Sarah Bunko
Humboldt Collegiate Institute
Avery Chypiska
Schell School
Charlene Patterson
Foam Lake Composite High School
Conlan Kirk
McClellan School
Jillian Ramsay
Humboldt Collegiate Institute
Chelsea Cunningham
Kelvington High School
Carleen Meszaros
Wakaw School
Rebecca Stan
Wakaw School
Amanda Gannon
Foam Lake Composite High School
Chase Westby
Winston High School

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