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May, 2011 Newsletter

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Provincial Bargaining Update (May 31, 2011)
The Saskatchewan Teachers Federation (STF) and the Saskatchewan Government bargaining committees have agreed to seek assistance of a third party, independent, special mediator.  This voluntary process will provide an opportunity to assist the parties in reaching a tentative agreement.  During the mediation process both parties have agreed to cease all advertising and current job sanctions. Sanctions will be lifted at midnight on Tuesday, May 31, 2011.

Day Of Dance (May 31, 2011)
William Derby holds a Day of Dance with Misty Wensel from FadaDance in Regina.
Misty danced with WDS students from Kindergarten to Grade 9.  The Grade 4's are doing a warm-up where they have to freeze, touch a partner and make a crazy shape.  The Grade 5's did a similar warm-up.  The Grade 8's learned a gumboot dance.  Gumboot dancing originated in the mines of South Africa during Apartheid. A very big THANK YOU to the Duval Optimist Club for funding this fun day!

The 2011 SHSAA Provincial Track Championship has been canceled(May 27, 2011)
cancellation notice.pdf

Annaheim's Got Talent  (May 25/2011)
The Annaheim School SRC held a fundraiser for The Red Cross Japan Relief Fund on Thursday May 19.  Auditions were held in April and 14 acts were chosen including 2 vocal solos, rappers, beatboxers, a piano duet and solo, a Tae Kwon Do pattern demonstration, a guitar solo, a gymnastics routine, 2 dance solos, 2 group dances and a percussion ensemble.  Twenty-six students from Grade 1-12 performed.  Over 80 people attended and paid $1 for each vote for their favourite group or solo.  Funds were also raised through admission and selling refreshments, for a total of $445!
The gymnastic team of Molly & Lily Yungmann and Brooke & Paige Johnson were the highest fundraisers in the Group talent category and won a Dairy Queen "Annaheim's Got Talent" ice cream cake as a prize.  Josh Doepker who danced to Rasputin was the highest Solo fundraiser and received a Pizza Hut pizza.  All competitors and volunteers received coupons donated by local businesses:  McDonalds, A&W, Co-op C Store and 7-11.  Cookies and juice were supplied by IGA and Sarauer Music Studios.
Kathryn Sarauer, SRC President  and stage manager ; Molli Patton , SRC Secretary  on sound and admissions ;  and Kendal Wuchner, Mistress of Ceremonies; and co-ordinated the event with the support of their teachers and other SRC members.  An earlier Cupcake Sale for The Red Cross Anti-bullying Day raised $173, which means the Annaheim SRC will be sending a cheque for $618 to the Red Cross.

Pre-District Track and Field Results Are Now Available (May 19/2011)
Click the HCAA image above to visit the HCAA Track and Field web page

Horizon Happenings Revived (May 19/2011)
After a two + year absence from the Horizon School Division website a method of reviving the "Horizon Happenings" section found on the original Division website has now been developed.
This new feature found on the right side of the Horizon website is very unique because it enables select Horizon staff from across the Division to add school events and information to the Division website directly from their own computers. This new feature does not require any training for Horizon staff and will be particularity useful for sharing upcoming school events with a larger audience.

HOJA makes a stop at WDS (May 19/2011)
Students at WDS were treated to a HOJA presentation May 4.  As you can see they really had fun with this musical presentation.  Mr. Edwards, our grade 5 teacher, willingly participated as did Sonya Shewchuk-Bryksa our LRT.  One of our grade 12 students-Tarren Belcourt-Phillips also willingly went to the front to be part of the group -singing and acting along with the HOJA members.  

Special Visitor to WDS Kindergarten Class (May 19/2011)
On April 13, the William Derby School Kindergarten class had a visit from an approximately four day old baby goat.  The goat was brought in for Reyna Hymers' star student week.  Each of the students had a turn milking and petting the goat.  Everyone was sure happy that Reyna's  dad -Travis Hymers-was nice enough to bring the goat in for them to see!

Horizon Board of Education Visits LES  (May 10/2011)  
On Wednesday April 4, 2011, the Horizon School Division Board of Education was entertained by students at Lanigan Elementary School (LES) as they attended their regular monthly planning meeting.
The Board members were provided a tour of the school and were invited to join some demonstration classes and interact with students during regular class time.
The Board was very appreciative of the entertainment and hospitality provided by the Staff and Students at Lanigan Elementary School.
Visit the LES Website - Clicklink.jpg

HPS Takes A Stand!  (May 10/2011)
Spotlight Sport and Corporate Wear in Humboldt generously sponsored Humboldt Public School’s Pink Shirt day taking a stand against bullying.
Pink Shirt Day began in Eastern Canada when some senior boys saw another boy being bullied over his pink shirt and decided to take a stand. Pink Shirt day has since become an annual international event. Mike provided t-shirts to the staff at HPS. The shirts, which read “ H.P.S. Taking a Stand”, looked absolutely fantastic as the staff presented a unified front on Pink Shirt Day.
Thank You Mike and Spotlight Sport and Corporate Wear!
Visit the HPS Website - Clicklink.jpg

Hear Ye!  Hear Ye!  (May 6/2011)
On Monday, April 18 a Medieval Feast was hosted by Mrs. Baade and Mrs. VanDamme’s Grade 11/12 English class in the Imperial Banquet Hall (Gym).  A delicious Medieval meal of chicken, ribs, carrots, potatoes, soup, fruit and scones was prepared and served by the students for their parents, where the only utensil allowed to be used was a knife!  Two community members, King Keith Busche and Queen Kay Busche humorously presided over the evening of Elizabethan entertainment.  The students prepared informational, theatrical, musical, technical and artistic presentations.  Court jesters entertained the guests between the student performances which ranged from the construction of a Globe Theatre and castles, to a student-created song, a “Wayne and Shuster” play, traditional music, a jousting match, a group video and several oral presentations.  The Feast was the culminating activity for the students’ contract on Hamlet.  A fun and educational evening was had by all!
To view more pictures  Clicklink.jpg

Damian Cooper Speaks To Horizon Staff (May 6/2011)

Damian Cooper, an independent education consultant who specializes in helping schools and school divisions improve their instructional and assessment skills spoke to Horizon staff at two events held in Lanigan on May 3, and Wadena on May 4, 2011. Damian's work is guided by two simple principles:
•      Assessment must be good for students. That means it must promote learning, and be fair, equitable, and sensitive to individual needs.
•      Assessment must be manageable and efficient for teachers. That means that it must not be all-consuming in terms of teachers' time and energy. And it must involve a reasonable number of well-designed, high-quality tools.
Damian's sessions comprise an engaging mix of practical strategies, personal experience, humorous anecdotes and video footage of classroom practice.

Teacher Strike Action (May 3/2011)
Dear Parents:
In the event of any future strike action by teachers, we will endeavor to provide you with as much notice as possible.  However, the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation has only indicated they will provide 48 hours “provincial notice” so it may be impossible to do so in all instances.  Therefore we urge you to bookmark the Horizon School Division website (www.hzsd.ca) and check it frequently for updates and essential information.  In addition, parents are advised to pay close attention to information provided by schools in regards to future strike action by teachers.
If you have any questions about any of the above, please feel free to call the Lanigan Office and request contact information for the Area Superintendent of Schools for your community or visit our website at www.hzsd.ca
We thank you for your anticipated kind consideration and cooperation during this difficult time in education in Saskatchewan.

Marc Danylchuk
Director of Education
Horizon School Division #205

More Information
Our school Division has a plan in place to ensure student safety and well being. We also have a go forward plan which involves assessments being made on a school by school basis to ensure student safety and well being in the event of teacher job actions.
Timely communication with parents/guardians and other users of our schools will occur to ensure they are aware of developments as they arise and the arrangements made by the school division to deal with any teacher strikes or other potential job actions.
For more information on the provincial teacher bargaining process please feel free to visit the Government/Trustee Bargaining committee website (http://www.skteacherbargaining.ca/) or contact the spokesperson for the Government-Trustee Bargaining Committee, Sandi Urban-Hall, at 306-569-0750.

The April 2011 Horizon School Division Newsletter Is Now Available (May 2/2011)
Thank you for your submissions.

Education in the News (May 2/2011)
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The Horizon School Division TreatySmarts Collaborative Art Project (April 25/2011)
An innovative Treaty Education project is currently underway in Horizon School Division. The project focuses on providing students with an opportunity to learn about the arts and culture while also giving them an opportunity to explore their understanding of Saskatchewan treaties. The project involves a total of nine Horizon School Division Schools and approximately three hundred students, in grades two to eleven. Readlink0.jpg

A Message To Grads From The Minister Of Education (April 25/2011)

2011 - 2012 School Year Calendars Are Now Available (March 31/2011)

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