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                                                               June 2012

Slide Show - 2011-2012 Year In Review

Year End Message From The Board Chair

Jim H.jpg
Jim Hack
Horizon Board Chair
The 2011 – 2012 school year presented several challenges but was also a year filled with many rewards. Successful partnerships continue to pave a path for student success. Through the cooperation of our partners in education we are able to continue to provide a high quality education to meet the needs of our students. For this we sincerely thank you.
The recent renewal of the Continuous Improvement brought with it a renewed sense of direction and that that our focus remains on success of students. The CIP will provide the road map to ensure that the success of Horizon students is in alignment with the goals of the Ministry of Education.
The goals of Horizon School Division Continuous Improvement Plan are:

Goal 1 - Improved Student Achievement In Reading, Writing And Math
Goal 2 - Equitable Opportunities For All Students
Goal 3 - Successful Transitions For Students
Goal 4 - System Accountability, Sustainability And Governance

June brings with it an opportunity to reflect and celebrate the success we have achieved together. It is also at this time we must reluctantly say farewell to some friends and colleagues as they move on to new chapters in their lives. To those leaving us, we thank for your commitment to public education.
As the school year draws to an end we would like to thank the Horizon staff for your hard work and dedication to education. We are honored to support a staff that places a focus on students first. Your efforts are recognized and truly appreciated.

On behalf of the Horizon School Division Board of Education I would like to wish everyone a safe and relaxing summer and offer thanks for your role in making Horizon School Division, “A Community of Learning and Achieving.”

Year End Message From The Director Of Education

Marc Danylchuk
Director of Education
As I reflect on the past 10 months it is obvious that although it has been an extremely busy year, it has, once again, been a highly successful one.  The Continuous Improvement and Accountability report clearly indicates that our student results have been outstanding – overwhelmingly the students of Horizon have excelled!  During my school visits this year I took advantage of numerous opportunities to engage in excellent conversations with our school staffs – those individuals who are the very foundation of public education.  In every instance I was humbled by their dedication. The children and youth of Horizon are truly blessed to have the support of so many remarkable people.  Excellent academic outcomes, exemplary citizenship and athletic achievements are the results of hard work on the part of everyone involved in the education enterprise. Each and every one of these results is reflected in the faces of the outstanding young men and women who walk across the stage to be recognized for earning their diploma. For this we thank all who contributed to their success.

Providing a high quality education has always been our priority – despite the many other requirements of operating a large school division with an annual budget in excess of $80 million.  At times, the challenge of meeting the needs of students and stakeholders as well as the Ministry and its seemingly endless penchant for creating chaos in education, has been difficult to say the least.  Despite trying times, our staff continues to chart their rich history by choosing to convert challenges into opportunities. I applaud them for their exemplary efforts!

As we continue to grow and look forward to a new school year we are determined to expand on the efficiencies that we know are available.  Consequently, we will leave no stone unturned in our application of a Lean initiative commencing this fall.  The goal of that initiative will be to find efficiencies that will improve the entire Division operations.

In closing, I wish to bid a fond farewell to those leaving the Horizon family and offer the sincere gratitude of the entire Division. Your legacy and contributions to public education will continue through the lives that you have touched.  For those who will be joining the Horizon family in the fall, we welcome you and offer our support for your success in the growth and achievement of the children and youth we serve.

On behalf of the Horizon School Division Executive Council I wish everyone a relaxing and enjoyable summer break and thank you for making Horizon “A Community Of Learning And Achieving.”


Horizon Schools Thank BHP for Contributions
On June 21, 2012 staff and students from the Lanigan Central High School welcomed officials from BHP Billiton and Horizon School Division. The purpose of the event was to formally thank BHP for contributions to the welding programs at both Lanigan Central High School and Humboldt Collegiate Institute.

BHP contributed $37,000 to the programs. $27,000 went towards new equipment at Lanigan High School and the remaining $10,000 was invested in upgrades at Humboldt Collegiate.

BHP representative Serge Pelletier stated the following. “There are far greater advantages to provide our youth with the equipment they need to learn in their home communities rather than having them travel to larger centers. It is just better for students to learn the skills they need at home and BHP is excited to contribute to programs like those in Lanigan and Humboldt.”

“BHP has been a valued partner of Horizon School Division for a few years now”, stated Horizon School Division representative Marrion Wolff. “The corporation’s involvement and contributions to the Punnichy Career Transition Program as well as their recent contributions to LCHS and HCI welding programs are proof that BHP Billiton is committed to communities and the education of our youth. The recent contributions will indeed present additional opportunities for every student who walks through the doors of LCHS and HCI to expand their learning experience at school. On behalf of Horizon School Division, we thank BHP Billiton for their contributions and commitment to education and for their role in making Horizon “A Community Of Learning And Achieving.”

Punnichy Elementary Holds Cultural Day
On Wednesday, June 13th, PECS held their Cultural Day.  Germaine Still, our TATC Culture/Elder coordinator, organized the day that was filled with tipi sessions, jigging, powwow dancing demostrations, Bannock Taco Dinner and a Round Dance.  The Grade Fives to Eights took part in Traditional Storytelling, Medicine Wheel Teachings, Traditional Dry Meat and Jam preparation and Traditional Male and Female Roles sessions.  The Grades One to Four joined Elder Shirley Nanapay for jigging sessions.  A special part was when our School's drumming and singing group led by their teacher Lee Angus took part in the opening cereomony.    It was a great day!  

McClellan School Annual Awards Night
High School students from McClellan were recognized for their achievements at their annual awards night Monday evening.  Honour roll, Athletic, Citizenship, Humanitarian, Sportsmanship, Participation, English, Math, and Band were just some of the awards presented.  Elementary students were also recognized for their strengths and achievements throughout the year.
Congratulations students on your successes!!
Click the link to view more pictures....2012 Awards Night Pictures.pdf

Successful Band Year
The Horizon Winds Central Bands and the Watrous High School Jr. Garage Band enjoyed a fantastic band tour to Winnipeg and Brandon Manitoba this past May.  Over the course of four days, the students presented four concerts, three of which were at Public Schools, and one of which was at a retirement facility. All of our concerts were extremely well received. As well the group was fortunate enough to recieve a band workshop at Brandon University from Dr. Wendy McCallum, one of Canada's foremost specialists in Music Education.  The busy itinerary included a tour of the Royal Canadian Mint, a visit to Winnipeg's historical Forks shopping district, as well as lots of swimming, bowling, and other activities.  Earlier in the season the band earned the highest Instrumental Mark at the Watrous Music Festival.  It has been an excellent year for the Horizon winds and the students are looking forward to the next season!

U of S Science Camp
On Tuesday June 12 the Grade 6-8 students of William Derby School were treated to a Science Camp with leaders from the U of S.  Many experiments were tried and explained and the afternoon was well worth our time.  We thank Ms. Marla Kelln for organizing this event.  Another opportunity to learn with an outside agency, at WDS.

Kindergarten Grad
Tuesday June 12 was a special day at WDS.  This was the day parents and families were invited to be part of their student's Kindergarten Graduation.  After a small program with their teacher Ms. Dunlop as their leader, and a presentation of the book "Oh The Places You'll Go" to each child, by Ms. Schwandt-Kelln, the families were treated to cake and juice.  This was another special day here at WDS

"Pennies for Pizza"
Wynyard Elementary School Super Student Council had the idea of hosting a penny drive.  This idea came about after the announcement that the penny is being eliminated from the Canadian coin family.  "Pennies for Pizza" was what the penny drive was called.  Each class was invited to bring in pennies to the school.  The class that brought in the most pennies would be rewarded with a pizza lunch as well have the privilege of deciding which local charity to donate the proceeds to.  With an overwhelming response Wynyard Elementary School collected a total of 125,454 pennies, which is $1,254.54.  Pails and pails of pennies were brought in and rolls upon rolls were counted, that is 2,509 rolls.  Thank you to everyone who helped roll all these pennies!  It was announced on Monday, May 28, 2012 the top three winners of the most pennies collected in the classroom.  In third place was 6R with 15, 177 pennies, in second place was 4P with 16,550 pennies and in first place was 1L with 17,500 pennies.  Congratulations to all the classes who participated.  And a huge high five to Mrs. Longstaff’s grade 1 class for bringing in the most pennies and winning PENNIES FOR PIZZA!!!  .  At this time the pennies have been handed over to Harold’s Furniture who is on a mission to collect as many pennies as possible, as Scotia Bank is matching his total amount up to $5000.  At a later date our school’s collection amount will be handed over to 1L’s charity of choice: THE FOOD BANK!  Thank you again to everyone who donated pennies for this cause.

Cultural Day at WES
Cultural Day at Wadena Elementary School was a wonderful experience for all involved.  The storytelling, feast and hoop dancing were educational, informative and extremely interesting.  A sense of community could be felt in the halls.  

Retirees for 2011 - 2012
For your dedication to Education!

Phyllis Borysko
Shirley Kowalchuk
Bus Driver
Fay Phillips
Educational Assistant
Darlene Bender
Educational Assistant
Wynyard Elmentary
Helen Leslie-Mason
Educational Assistant
Winston High
Judy Low
Educational Assistant
Humboldt Public
Norma Peterson
Wynyard Composite
Loretta Yakimoski
Educational Assistant
Robert Melrose
Garry Lisoway
Gail Huber
Bill Dovell
Lou Coderre
Student Services
Camella Baumann
Jackie Yablonski
Wadena Elem
Sheila Krivoshein
William Derby
Doris Hoffman
St. Brieux
Cherry Staszczak
Wynyard Comp
Marilyn Cross
William Derby
Marilee Sterner
Julie Bedel
Punnichy High
Louise McBurney
Sharon Putnam
Bernice Gerspacher
Brian Fleischhacker
Bernadette White
Gladys Ollinger
Educational Assistant
George Gordon Education Centre
Larry Bedel
Superintendent of Schools
Lanigan Office

Horizon Captures 21 Medals at Track Provincials
The track and field athletes from our HCAA schools had an oustanding showing at the SHSAA High School Provincial Track & Field Championships this past weekend in Saskatoon.  Some of the highlights:
- 14 different HCAA students won a total of 17 individual medals (see attachment below)
- 5 HCAA students won gold in their event and the title of Provincial Champion (see attachment below)
- 4 of our 8 relay teams won medals (see attachment below).  With 14 Districts in the province, the average would be 1.714 medals per district in the relays; the HCAA teams were over twice that total.
- The HCAA finished fourth (1107.17 pts) out of fourteen Districts in the overall team standings.  Saskatoon (1793 pts) and Regina (1381.5 pts) finished first and second, but their student enrollment numbers are four times that of the HCAA.  Based on enrollment, the HCAA is the fourth smallest District (11th out 14) in the province, so finishing fourth overall is an outstanding accomplishment, and a credit to our dedicated coaches and athletes!  
For a complete list of medalists from track, and from the entire 2011-2012 athletics season, click the link below.
Medalists 2011-2012.pdf

GGEC Takes on the Marafun
For 10 weeks, students at George Gordon Education Centre took part in the KM Club where they walked on average, 4 KM a week. That meant they had covered 40 of the 42.2 KM needed to run a marathon and by this time the number of students in KM Club went from 45 to 6! To reward those 6 students, Mrs. Morris and Mr. Hubick took them to the Marafun in Saskatoon where they completed the final 2.2 KM alongside marathon runners in the annual Saskatchewan Marathon.
Congratualations to Elias (Gr.5), Kain (Gr.3), Evan (Gr.3), Taryn (Gr.3), Latrell (Gr.3), and Madison (Gr.3)

One of Canada's Top 10

Kara Fidelack, a grade 12 student at Winston High School has been selected as the recipient of the Circle of Scholars Award for our area. The Circle of Scholars Entrance Scholarship is valued at $20,000 ($5000 a year for four years). Ten scholarships are awarded each year to top high school students across the country.

Former Wadena Comp Student Crowned Miss East Central Saskatchewan
Click the following link to view the article - Wadena News 2012-04-04.pdf
Thank you to the Wadena News

Humboldt & District Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Awarded
Congratulations to Mr. Landon Lefebvre on being selected to receive the 2012 Humboldt & District Chamber of Commerce Scholarship in the amount of $2250.
View Media Release - 2012ScholarshipRecipient.pdf

Kindergarten Orientation Day
Friday May 25 was a special day for parents and staff of WDS as they held their Kindergarten Orientation.  Students and parents gathered to meet with their Kindergarten teacher Ms. Becker, and to have questions answered as well as a school tour by Ms. Schwandt-Kelln.  It was a great morning for all the excited children.

Archeology Caravan Visits LES
The Lanigan & District Heritage Association organized a visit from the Archaeology Caravan at Lanigan Elementary School on Tuesday, May 29.  Members from the Saskatchewan Archaeological Society introduced students to the field of archaeology through discussion, displays, and hands-on sessions.  The three sessions involved using an atlatl (spear-throwing tool), making clay pinch pots, and creating rock art.

Pre-Health Professions Club (PHPC)
The PHPC, coordinated through the University of Saskatchewan, is designed to give students interested in medicine, nursing, pharmacy or nutrition opportunities to explore and experience their occupation of choice.  This is facilitated through information sessions, hands-on experience and a mentorship experience.  
Cultural Perspective sessions designed to meet the needs of Aboriginal students in the Club were hosted at the Treaty Four Governance Centre in Fort Qu’Appelle. Six students from Punnichy Community High School participated in activities led by staff from the All Nations Healing Hospital or University of Saskatchewan students.  Awareness of health conditions that are more prevalent among Aboriginal people was developed through hands-on activities.~ Students learned how to:
  • change a dressing on a diabetic wound
  • perform insulin injections
  • do blood sugar testing
  • perform CPR chest compressions
  • start an I.V.
  • prepare healthy foods and
  • suture.
Following the Awareness session, students were invited to participate in the next levels of the career development sequence, exploration and experience. The focus of the session was to prepare students for a successful mentorship. The students were provided with an orientation to mentorship that was followed by a tour the All Nations Healing Hospital in Fort Qu’Appelle. Students will be matched with the staff from the All Nations Healing Hospital and their communities to mentor in medicine, nursing, pharmacy and nutrition during the months of April and May.
For more information on the club, visit www.prehealthclub.ca 

2012 Master Teacher Awards
The Saskatchewan Mathematics Teacher Society has awarded the 2012 Master Teacher Awards to both Lorne Gottselig from William Derby School and Horizon Curriculum Consultant Karen Hrycan.
The recipients of the awards are experienced teachers in the area of Mathematics who have garnered a reputation for teaching excellence.
Horizon School Division congratulates Lorne Gottselig and Karen Hrycan -- Master Teacher Award winners for 2012.

Bronze at National Skills Competition
After winning gold in the provincial skills competition in Regina in in March, Justin Lefebvre was invited to compete in the National skills competition as Saskatchewan’s representative in carpentry which took place in Edmonton Alberta’s Expo Center on May 14-16. The competition is Canada’s version of the national Olympics in trades. Hundreds of competitors complete at a provincial level in these trade competitions across Canada and few have an opportunity to represent their province on a national level. The competition involved hundreds of competitors across Canada in over 40 skill/trade competitions from baking and mechatronics to landscaping and aircraft mechanics.

Superintendent of Education Hired

Horizon School Division is very pleased to announce that Mr. Crandall Hrynkiw has accepted the position of Superintendent of Education for Horizon School Division. Mr. Hrynkiw will be filling the vacancy following the retirement of Superintendent Larry Bedel in the summer of 2012.

Mr. Hrynkiw brings with him a vast array of skills and experience in educational administration.  He currently is the Regional Director of Education for the Central Region and was the Regional Director of Region 4 prior to his current position.  Mr. Hrynkiw has served as a Director of Education for several school divisions including Melfort, Weyburn Central, Weyburn Catholic and Estevan Catholic.  His rich history as a both teacher and Principal is complimented by his work as an Assistant Director of Education and Acting Secretary Treasurer for the legacy Lanigan School Division.

Mr. Hrynkiw's work with First Nations is well-known and appreciated by many.  Additionally, he has recently been an active participant in the Ministry of Education's Lean initiative.  His experience with Lean includes successfully completing the training and subsequently taking on a lead role in applying Lean principles to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a wide variety of processes.

Mr. Hrynkiw will bring his "student-centered" approach to improving learning outcomes to Horizon School Division commencing August 1, 2012.
View the Media Release - Click Here

Bruno Students Produce Award Winning Anti-Bullying Video
Three students from the Grade 9 class have won the Jury Prize for the Pink Shirt FIlm Festival 2012.  The video competition was sponsored by the Saskatoon Peace Coalition.  The anti-bullying video made the short list and placed on a YouTube channel for viewers to "Like" it (you may have seen the Facebook campaign to vote for it).  Shelby Charlton, Tyra Borstmayer and Madison Harriman created and produced the video with help of many students at Bruno School.The grand prize of the People's Choice award is $1000 for the winning school. Congratulations girls!

Chris Hadfield Talks to Students at GGEC

The grade 1 and 2 students at George Gordon Education Centre had a special opportunity on May 11, 2012.  Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield spoke to the students from NASA's Astronaut Training Center in Texas and answered their questions about outer space.
Commander Hadfield is a Canadian astronaut who previously served aboard the space shuttles on STS-74 (Atlantis, 1995) and STS-100 (Endeavour, 2001).  He also served as commander of the underwater mission NEEMO 14, in which participants lived on the ocean floor to simulate missions to asteroids, the moon, and Mars.  This December, he will be taking off again to the International Space Station for a six month stay.  In March 2013, he will become the first Canadian to command the International Space Station.  
Students learned the answers to questions ranging from "Have you met any aliens?" to "Why did people go to the moon?"  Students were also inspired with a message about pursuing their goals with all their hearts from an early age.


The CNIB visits Bulyea School
On Thursday, May 10th two members from the CNIB came to our school to discuss the importance of caring for our eyes.  The students were asked to try on different glasses depicting the many different eye injuries and diseases.  They also practiced "caning".  This presentation gave the students a first hand glimpse of how one would live with an eye injury or disease.  They also learned that people living with vision problems are just like you and me.  
Bulyea School made a donation to the CNIB for the opportunity to wear their sunglasses in school all day!

Kicking Off the Season
The kicker for the Saskatchewan Roughriders, #19 Chris Milo, paid a visit to Lanigan Elementary School on Friday, May 4 as part of the Community Youth Challenge.  His presentation included information about the Riders and himself plus a message about healthy living.  He focused on the importance of the body working like a team and how to keep our hearts, brains and especially our lungs healthy.  He had several prizes to hand out for answering questions, as well as his own autographed pictures.

Success at the Music Festival
Several classes from Lanigan Elementary School participated in the Lanigan & District Music Festival on April 24.  The K-1 rooms under the direction of Mrs. Bergen and Mrs. Paetsch performed two songs and two poems, while Mrs. Fick's Grade 2F classroom recited two poems.  The adjudicator was very positive about all of the performances and commented on how attentive the students were to their teachers.  All rooms received certificates, and the Grade 2F students were pleased to receive the Ensemble trophy later in the Festival week.

Award Winning Bands
On April 25th, the Horizon Winds Central Concert Band and Jazz Band performed at the Watrous Music Festival.  The students performed very well and received a special honor; the group earned the "Highest Instrumental Mark" award and a scholarship of $100.  The award was in competition with all instrumental candidates including Piano, Guitar, and Violin.  The Central Band is comprised of students from Watrous Elementary School, Watrous High School, Nokomis School, Schell School, and Imperial School. They rehearse once a week on Wednesdays. Central Band is open to band students from grades seven to twelve.  Many thanks go out to all the parents, the music festival organizers, and the students for all their hard work!

AED Installed In Bulyea School
On Wednesday, May 2 Bill Slough, Colin McLeod (Bulyea Rustlers) and Marjorie Mohr (Owner/operator of Hansens Ambulance) presented principal Keith Hassman with an AED. This machine was donated to Bulyea School by the Bulyea Rustlers Fastball team. This was made possible through money raised at their Sports Auction which was held the evening of Saturday, March 31st. Bulyea School is very gracious for the generosity and hard work shown by this fine group of individuals. Thank you!

Bulyea Students Visit Science Centre/Imax
Friday, April 27th students and staff traveled to Regina to explore the Science Centre. The students were treated to many fascinating demonstrations showing different ways to have fun with Science!
The Imax 3D presentation about the "Arctic" was very informative. Following the lives of a Polar Bear family showed us that we are having a negative impact on how they live. The movie also showed us that we need to reduce our carbon footprint at home as well as at school. The future of the Arctic depends on us!
A huge thank you goes out to the parent volunteer drivers and our Bulyea School SCC for sponsoring this event.

Archerwill School Pennies for Patients
How many coins does it take to make $2000.00?   Quite a few it turns out, as the students and staff of Archerwill recently found out when they held a very, very successful “Pennies for Patients” program through their school.  
Over the past few weeks, they were busy filling their individual coin boxes for the cause, while at the same time learning about blood cancers (leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma).  Finding cures for blood cancers and improving the quality of life for patients and their families is at the heart of the mission. These cancers are the most fatal diseases of children under the age of 19.  All funds raised in Canada stay in Canada and over 75% of it is used to support life-saving research!  Since 2005, students and educators throughout Canada have raised over $1.6 million in support of the LLSC mission to cure blood cancers and now Archerwill is a part of it.
After collecting coins for a couple of weeks, students and staff found out they  had achieved the goal of raising $1500.00 or more to earn the prestige of having a Brinks Armoured Truck pick up their coins.  So on the afternoon of April 18th, they worked like crazy (using their math skills of measurement, counting, estimation etc.) to lay all $317.50 worth of pennies around the gym and roll them!  At the same time, the top four collectors (Kiegan Hanson, Mr. Wilson, Clarissa Hagenes and Whitney Klettberg) held a roll-off, which was hilarious.  There were a lot of sore fingers and backs when it was over, but everyone agreed it was well worth it.  The following day a total of the remaining coins was taken and they found out they had collected $1973.85, so with a donation from the SRC of $26.15, a grand total of $2000.00 was achieved.  Wow!  When the Brinks Truck arrived that afternoon, the guards couldn’t believe they had 20 very heavy bags of money to load.  Unfortunately, for security reasons the students and staff were not allowed to have a tour of the truck or have pictures taken with the guards.
All in all, they agreed it was a fun and important fundraiser to be a part of, especially since Mrs. Sandy Wilson their school secretary is a two-time survivor of Lymphoma.  Mrs. Wilson spent a lot of time talking to the students about the disease and all the treatments and procedures she had to go through.  The kids are so excited; they’re already talking about next year’s collection.
A special thank you to anyone who donated to this very worth-while fundraiser, and please help them by getting your pennies ready for next year!

Horizon School Division
Recognizes Pink Shirt Day
(Stories and images will be added as they are recieved)

Central Offices Take A Stand Againt Bullying


Lanigan Office Staff

Humboldt Office Staff

Wadena Office Staff

Punnichy Elementary Takes A Stand Againt Bullying
PECS recognized National Pink Shirt Day by having all their students from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade Eight create a anit-bullying picture, logo or saying on  a brillant neon pink paper  shirt.  The shirts were then placed throughout the school's hallways.  They will remain on display throughout the month of April.

Watrous Elementary Takes A Stand Against Bullying
Watrous Elem - Pink Shirt Day 2012-Small.wmv

William Derby School Takes A Stand Againt Bullying
Pink Shirt Day at William Derby School started off with a breakfast of waffles, pink whipped cream and strawberries. "Say Something Nice" followed  where students and staff got up to the microphone and said something they appreciated.  The grades 7 - 12 had anti-bullying activities lead by the SLC.


Wadena Comp Takes A Stand Againt Bullying
We did several things here at Wadena Composite this week with Pink Shirt activities, all of which were organized by our amazing SRC:
Monday:  students/staff dressed up in random pink clothes.  Prizes were awarded for the Weirdest Pink, the Prettiest in Pink, and the Pinkest of the Pink.  Students brought pink items of clothing from home and dressed up their homeroom teachers.  The two homerooms who dressed up their homeroom teachers the best won prizes, and got to dress up our principal, Mr. Darin Faubert, and our vice principal, Mr. Ron Jeannot on Tuesday.  Students and staffwho were dressed in pink received pink ice cream floats.
Tuesday:  students/staff dressed up in our old "Yeah It's Pink" shirts (our SRC has been running Pink Days for a couple years now.  One of the students designed our own pink shirts at that time, which the SRC ordered).  The SRC and SCC prepared a free Pink Pancake Breakfast which ran from 7:30 - 10:00 a.m. for all students and staff as well as any businesses and organizations who sponsored or supported our pink week activities.  We had a huge crowd here!  Our Wadena Coop's mascot, Cooper the bear, was also here.  An optional silver collection was set up (the breakfast was free, but some of the business people wanted to make donations), with the proceeds going to the Kids Help Phone.  Students and staff who were dressed in pink received pink wafer cookies.
Wednesday:  students/staff dressed up in our new "Stand Up" pink shirts, which were also designed by one of our students. Our Coop gave a free beef on a bun today to anyone wearing their pink shirts.  Students and staff dressed in pink received pink donuts.
Anyone dressed in pink during these three days put their name in for a grand prize draw, including 2 MP3 players, video camera, iPod dock, and satellite radio.
We had several businesses support and/or sponsor our pink week.  Many of them bought our school pink shirts to wear, and many also decorated their windows and stores for this week.  Sponsors donated many of our prizes and/or money which will help fund two speakers that we will be hosting in May.
This was a ton of work for our SRC and Mrs. Jana Fisher (our SRC staff rep), and they did an excellent job organizing and putting everything together for our school and town.  We have the best SRC and rep EVER!!!

Winston High School Takes A Stand Againt Bullying

Punnichy Community High School Takes A Stand Againt Bullying


Robert Melrose School Takes A Stand Againt Bullying



McClellan School Takes A Stand Againt Bullying
McClellan Staff and Students in a “Sea of Pink”!
The staff and students at McClellan School showed their support for Anti Bullying Day by dressing up in pink t-shirts.  Students were motivated to show their support after hearing about two grade 12 boys who in 2007 wore pink shirts to school after a fellow student was bullied for wearing pink.  
In the afternoon McClellan welcomed Graeme Bell, a player with the Saskatchewan Roughriders, to share his story about bullying and making positive choices.

HCI Takes A Stand Againt Bullying

St. Brieux School Takes A Stand Againt Bullying
As part of our Pink Shirt Day activities the Grade 5 class had a "pink" bake sale.

KHS Takes A Stand Againt Bullying
On Wednesday, April 4 Kelvington High School recognized Pink Shirt Day by hosting several events.  The students and staff of the school wore pink shirts to show a unified stance against bullying and to show each other that “I’ve got your back”.  The unified stance creates awareness of bullying in the school and promotes the idea that bullying is not acceptable. In the afternoon KHS hosted Mike Shologan, #74 and nose tackle for the Saskatchewan Roughriders.  Mike spoke to the students and staff about bullying, the effects on all involved(victim, bully, and bystander), and how to deal with it if you encounter bullying.
Thank you to the KHS School Community Council for supporting and sponsoring this event.

LeRoy School Takes A Stand Againt Bullying


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Ken Sogge
Communications Manager
Horizon School Division No. 205

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