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Stories from the
10312011_123252_1.png                                                                     December 2011

Seasons Greetings From The Board of Education

Jim Hack
Board Chair
Once again we have realized a very successful year in Horizon School Division and we have clearly grown as a team. I cannot stress enough how much we value and respect the people that make up the Horizon Team. The success of our students would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of our staff who work tirelessly to provide a quality education.
As we look forward to the festive season and the promise of a new year, I rest assured that Horizon students are in great hands. We recognize and applaud our staff and partners for your commitment to education, and offer a sincere thank you for your part in shaping our identity and for being a part of making Horizon School Division “A Community of Learning and Achieving.”
On behalf of the Horizon School Division Board of Education, I wish you all a truly Merry Christmas and a Safe and Prosperous New Year.

A Message From The Director of Education

Marc Danylchuk
Director of Education
As we prepare for the upcoming holiday season I invite you to take some time to reflect on all the positive things that have happened across our Division in 2011 and to celebrate the successes we have achieved together. We have faced many challenges over the past few years, and due to the excellence of our staff and dedication of our stakeholders, our students continue to achieve success. For this I offer a sincere thank you.
We have turned many corners since January, 2006 and successfully built this school division by working diligently to turn challenges into opportunities. It saddens me to announce that the seemingly endless gauntlet of challenges will continue for Horizon.  In April of 2011, the Minister of Education informed our Board that Horizon will experience very difficult fiscal circumstances for the next two to three years.

We must heed the warning from the Ministry and take the time to think about our future. The Horizon senior management is determined to seek solutions to ensure maximum efficiency without sacrificing effectiveness. We must work together to become nimble and proactive. We believe the best approach is to be strategic and collaborative and find the solutions that continue to turn challenges into opportunities.

While reflecting on the success we have achieved I invite you to do some visioning. What does the future of Horizon School Division look like? We value the critical partnerships that we share with our staff, stakeholders, parents and partners in education and we invite your input into shaping our future.

The onset of a New Year is a time of renewed hope and vigor following a much deserved break. This is the perfect time to begin our revolution of change. By providing input, you are choosing to engage and become involved in building a brighter future for our communities and the students of Horizon School Division.

As we begin the festive season and embark on a new future I would like recognize the hard work of our Horizon Staff, the support of parents and communities, and the dedication of our partners in education. It is due to your efforts that Horizon School Division will continue to be “A Community of Learning and Achieving.”.

On behalf of the staff and students at Horizon School Division I wish you and your family a joyous Christmas and a safe and happy new year.

The Way Home Tour
The morning of December 9, William Derby School grade 4, 5, 6, and 7 students were busy learning some life long teachings from Jeanne Corrigal, a Metis film maker with a great message.  Through Jeanne's film "Jim Settee: The Way Home Tour," students were introduced to Jim Settee, a  Cree Elder, a spiritual mentor, oral historian, and renowned tracker.  The story begins with Mr. Settee tracking down a boy who had been lost in Prince Albert National Park for three full days and ends with the revelation of how Jim was able to find this lost boy. Also included in the film were many stories of the way Jim lead his life.  These stories are the true treasure in Jeanne's film and presentation.  The students learned about the impact that Treaty had on Metis and First Nation people as well as about their culture and traditions.  Along with Jeanne and her matchbox full of Jim's teachings, students reflected on the film.  They discussed nature and the important as well as fragile connection between humans and all living things, the uniqueness of each person and how we must always be accepting and willing to take on another perspective, the importance of each individual, and many other life values found in the film. Thank you to Sask Culture and the Multicultural Initiatives Fund for partially funding this wonderful presentation.Nina Gueguen, an intern at WDS facilitated this presentation.

9262011_100048_0.jpgYTV's In Real Life
        Sydney Reynolds, Nokomis School's grade 9 student, has made it into the top final in YTV's In Real Life! She will be competing against two boys in the finale on Monday, December 12th. Cheer her on and wish her luck on Monday, December 12th. This has been an amazing opportunity for Sydney and we look forward to her challenges she will face in the upcoming finals! Check out her journal for her perspective on the experience during the show athttp://inreallife.ytv.com/blogs/sydney/journal/ , also she updates her blog after the airing of every episode at http://inreallife.ytv.com/blogs/sydney/blog/! You can also see her updates on Sydney's Facebook Fan Page! Congratulations Sydney, Nokomis School, community and many others fans around Saskatchewan are all rooting for you!

Treaty Education
On November 15, Wakaw school had the pleasure of hosting a presentation by Metis film maker, Jeanne Corrigal, entitled, “Jim Settee: The Way Home Tour.” Students were introduced to a Cree Elder, Jim Settee, a spiritual mentor, oral historian, and renowned tracker. The class learned of the First Nation connection to nature and their life values. Students were intrigued by Jeanne’s story of the lost boy and her follow-up reflection activity, which included a look at Jeanne’s matchbox which held objects representing Jim’s teachings. Students were then invited to create and fill their own matchboxes with items representing important things in their lives. The presentation was for students from Grades Three through Twelve. This project was partially funded by Sask Culture and the Multicultural Initiatives Fund. Students benefitted by learning more about First Nation and Metis culture and traditions, which are now an integral part of school curriculum.
Jeanne Corrigal showing the class her matchbox.

Safety Precautions Required Due To Gravel Hauling
Gravel Hauling Precautions.pdf

Three Lakes Students Take To The Airwaves
Grade 8 students from Three Lakes School worked in groups of 2-3 to draft a script, record, edit and add music to their commercial/PSA about internet safety.
The folks at 107.5 Bolt FM heard about the project and offered to run the commercial as a success story and public service announcement.
final audacity commercial.mp3

Thank You!
Thank you to the Humboldt Canadian Tire for donating a pair of mitts to each student attending Humboldt Public School. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

Career Fair
On Tuesday November 15th, WDS hosted a career fair for the students of WDS and Nokomis from Grade 10-12.  This successful event was generated by our SCC Chairperson Ronni Nordal and Principal Schwandt-Kelln.  The photos show some of our presenters.  We had presenters for the day from Apprenticeship and Trades, St. Pete's College, SIAST, Lakeland College, U of R, and the U of S.  As well we had an afternoon of presentations from local  EMT's (Hanson's Ambulance) , Trent Lanigan from the Regina City Police, Graham Taylor from the RCMP, two members of  the Canadian Armed Forces, Dallas McMillan from  the Regina Firefighters, Lynn Wagner from the upgrader, a sports announcer from Moose Jaw radio (James Gallo),  Gina Kelln as an agronomist, Amanda Halstead for Ag Business,Tanya Marshall as a veterinarian, Carol Ruys as a social worker, Janelle Schermann as Registered Nurse, Jody Sorenson- a massage therapist, and Amanda Weirs as an  esthetician.  The SCC hosted a lunch for the presenters and several businesses in town donated gifts to our presenters.  (Thank you "Every Little Thing" and "Joanna Krentz from Talbot" as well as Strasbourg Agencies!)  The students stated that this was a very successful day.  


"Flash Mob" to Promote Anti-Bullying
The Gr. 5 students at William Derby School took an interest in creating their own flash mob dance after she introduced them to the concept of a flash mob being part of popular culture.  The students decided to create a flash mob that they would perform at recess on the playground with the music for their dance playing on the loud-speakers.  This was a planned, yet random act since only one small group of students knew it was going to occur.  Prior to this "random act", the students voted on a "cause" for what their flash mob would promote and they decided that they wanted to promote anti-bullying at their school.  They created about 30 posters to be placed around the school, fine-tuned our dance and then performed it on November 3rd.  That day the students went out for recess and played with the other kids like they normally would and then when they heard the flash mob music come on, they ran to their places and froze.  From there they performed their dance with the other kids out on the playground watching.  At the end of their dance they jumped into a group pose and held up their anti-bullying signs for the other kids on the playground to see.

WDS Spirit!
From little guys to big guys from students to staff --everyone at WDS got in the spirit for Halloween and our afternoon assembly.  The assembly's purposes are to build team spirit, to promote healthy fun, and to deter bullying.  This was a successful day as the many smiles suggest.  


CAP Graduation
The Collaborative Apprenticeship Program (or CAP) was introduced to increase the capacity of Horizon’s teachers to infuse technology into their daily lessons.  These teachers were provided with a laptop, a data projector, and a speaker set to assist them in their growth.  The teachers were grouped with other teachers and one of the learning technologists to provide the opportunity for collaboration and reflection.  Many teachers have responded that CAP has allowed them to improve their skills with technology and make connections to other teachers from around the division.
For more information visit our website. http://horizoncap3.pbworks.com

Tuition Agreement Renewed
Over the past few months representatives from Day Star First Nation, George Gordon First Nation, Muskowekwan First Nation and Horizon School Division met to negotiate a new tuition agreement. The purpose of the tuition agreement is to determine the educational supports provided by the school division for students who live on reserve and attend schools operated by Horizon School Division. (Click the link below to view the media release)

Changes to Horizon Board of Education
At the organizational meeting held November 2, 2011 the Horizon School Division Board of Education elected Mr. Jim Hack (Subdivision #10) as Board Chair and Mr. Wil Lengyel (Subdivision #7) as Board Vice-Chair.
The Board also set the third Wednesday of each month as their regular meeting date.
Meet your Board of Education - Click Here
1182011_85240_1.jpg                                      1182011_85841_2.jpg
Mr. Jim Hack - Board Chair                       Mr. Wil Lengyel - Vice-Chair

Distance Education Boot Camp
Horizon School Division once again hosted a Distance Education Boot Camp on Nov. 3 and 4, 2011.   These two days were spent learning strategies to engage students online.  This was a great opportunity for Horizon’s distance education teachers to network with approximately 30 teachers and distance education coordinators from five different school divisions.
On day 1, participants were able to fully attend to topics such as aligning school divisions’ vision and mission to work in online learning, building effective assessment into current practices (considering the works of Anne Davis, Damian Cooper, and Ken O’Connor).
Day 2 had a more hands on focus.  Topics covered include: the flipped classroom and what it might look like in distance education, creating an inquiry-based lesson using content from the Critical Thinking Consortium (www.tc2.ca), and open discussion on the following:
  • What does distance education have to have in order for students to learn anytime, anyplace, anywhere, any pace?
  • What leadership role do we as educators have in distance education becoming a part of the new blended form of learning?
Thad Swidzinski ended off the conference by sharing the important role that distance education can play in the lives of our students.  He related two stories. He began by telling a story where a student had a once in a lifetime opportunity to go on a mission trip with her parents to a foreign country where she was able to continue her learning through distance education.  The second, more humbling story, was of a young lady whose mother was terminally ill.  Thanks to their distance education program, she was able to be at home with her mother during her last three months and keep up so she could graduate on time.  Distance education bridges gaps for students where traditional education cannot.  
All in attendance expressed their appreciation for this opportunity to collaborate and connect.

Thank You Mrs. Patty Braun - National Silver Cross Mother

Mrs. Patty Braun, an educational assistant at Raymore School has been asked to serve as this year's National Silver Cross Mother, in honour of the loss of her son Cpl. David Braun, on August 22, 2006 in Afghanistan. She will lay a wreath at the National War Memorial in Ottawa on November 11th, on behalf of all Canadian mothers who have lost a son or daughter serving in the Canadian Armed Forces.
Thank you Mrs. Braun for your sacrifice on our behalf.

Principal Farrell Retains Her Enthusiasm For Students and Education
Thank you to the Saskatchewan Bulletin magazine - Sask Bulletin - Farrell.pdf

Halloween In Horizon
Wadena Elementary Celebrates a Nutrition Positive Hallowe’en
Hallowe’en without sugary and nutritionally weak treats!  It can be both achieved and enjoyed as proven by the students and staff of Wadena Elementary.  Students opted for pizza over sandwiches. Trays of fruit and vegetables rounded out the party lunch.  Witches and goblins mixed with princesses and pirates at the costume parade which ended with the students enjoying their choice of white or chocolate milk and a cookie.

Community Halloween At WES
This year, the students, staff, SCC, and learning community of Wynyard Elementary School were able to celebrate a couple of successes around the Halloween season.
The first came during the annual Halloween social hosted by the WES SCC on the evening of October 28th.  This event gave students the opportunity to enjoy several Halloween-themed activities, while showing off their costumes and spending time with their families at the same time.  The SCC collected donations at the event in support of the community's annual "Secret Santa" campaign.  As a result, a donation of $313.50 will be forwarded to this very worthwhile program.
For the past number of years members of the WES family have attempted to bring a sense of charity to their Halloween celebrations by combing their annual costume parade with a food bank drive.  Students are asked to bring donations of non-perishable food items.  The costume parade then takes place as students and staff make their way from the school to the local food bank to drop off donations.  The streets are lined with onlookers, curious to sneak a peek at the various costumes.  This year a total of 352 lbs (160 kg.) of food was donated to the Wynyard and District food bank.
Congratulations for your charitable efforts!

Below - "The Legion Of Doom" or "Road Warriors"
Anthony and Murray. Grade 12 students at Rose Valley School

Celebrating 36 Years Of Teaching
On Friday, November 4th the Bruno School will be celebrating with Mrs. Gail Huber who is retiring from teaching after 36 years.  Everyone is welcome to attend.
What an amazing career!

About The Horizon School Division TERT Team
Trauma is part of life; however, an unexpected, untimely, or abrupt trauma experienced by a student or staff member may overwhelm an individual’s crucial coping and defensive operations. The inevitability of a school community facing such a trauma necessitates a trauma response protocol.

The Traumatic Events Response Team (TERT) is established to assist elementary and secondary schools within the Horizon School Division and to aid in securing community resources as needed outside of the confines of the individual school.

At the request of the TERT Coordinator, in consultation with the Principal and Counselor, the TERT provides immediate support and direction in the event of a crisis.  The team will be available to assist with the practical aspects of the situation and to provide support to staff and students in the event of a crisis.  The team members are present under the authority of the Horizon School Division Board of Education.

The term “crisis” refers to any significant traumatic event including but not limited to death, injury, and community disaster.

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