Grade 4 Language Arts Websites
Based on Saskatchewan ELA Curriculum (2010)

Additional Resources

Compiled by Karen Hrycan
Horizon School Division
Technical help from Ken Sogge

Comprehend and Respond Strand

CR4.1  Comprehend and respond to a variety of grade-level texts
(including contemporary and traditional visual, oral, written and multimedia texts) that address:
  • identity (e.g., Expressing Myself)
  • community (e.g., Building Community)  
  • social responsibility (e.g., Preserving a Habitat)
and support response with evidence from text and from own experiences.
CR4.2  View and respond to visual and multimedia texts
(including graphs, charts, diagrams, maps, multimedia DVD,
websites, television programs, advertisements, posters),
explaining the creator's technique and the impact on viewers.
CR4.3  Listen, summarize, paraphrase, and evaluate what was heard and draw conclusions.
CR4.4  Read for various purposes and demonstrate comprehension of grade-appropriate fiction
(including stories and novels), scripts, poetry, and non-fiction (including magazines, reports, instructions, and procedures)
from various cultures including First Nations and Metis and countries (including Canada).
Compose and Create Strand

CC4.1  Compose and create a range of visual, multimedia, oral, and written texts that explore:
  • identity  (e.g., Expressing Myself)
  • community (e.g., Celebrating and Honoring Others)  
  • social responsibility (e.g., Within My Circle)
through personal experiences and inquiry.
CC4.2  Create a variety of clear representations that communicate straightforward ideas
and information relevant to the topic and purpose, including short, illustrated reports,
dramatizations, posters, and other visuals such as displays and drawings.
CC4.3  Speak to present and express a range of ideas and information in formal and informal speaking situations
(including giving oral explanations, delivering brief reports or speeches, demonstrating and describing procedures)
for differing audiences and purposes.
CC4.4  Use a writing process to produce descriptive, narrative, and expository compositions
that focus on a central ideea, have a logical order, explain point of view, and give reasons or evidence.
Assess and Reflect Strand

AR4.1  Reflect on and assess own viewing, listening, reading, speaking, writing, and other representing experiences,
the selected strategies employed (e.g., using class-generated criteria), and explore possible ways to improve.
AR4.2  Set and pursue personal goals to improve viewing, listening, reading, speaking,
writing and other representing tasks more effectively.