Social Studies 9 Ancient Civilizations Inquiry

Museum of Civilizations - OttawaHumboldt Collegiate Institute History 9 Civilizations Assignment

You're the curator of a new exhibit going into our museum. The director wants to expand a new wing into a series of exhibits entitled Civilizations. As such, you must compile information and artifacts for visitors to witness and with which they can interact. Your presentation should both engage and inform.

The following are possible civilizations to consider investigating in groups of no more than 5:

The Iroquois

The Aztecs

The Babylonians

The Ancient Hebrews

The Egyptians

Ancient China

Ancient Japan

The Myceneans

The Macedonians

The Sumerians

The Akkadian Empire





Is your culture a civilization?

What did we learn which helps us understand the origins of our society (Saskatchewan, Canada, North America, Western World, and/or World society)?

How do you think you should be evaluated for the work you do?


Once you're in your group, establish roles and norms. What roles do we think the group will need?


Now that you are organized to work hard and effectively, what are you wondering about with your civilization? That is, what do you want to explore? What questions do you have?


Representing: How will you present your information? What information do you want to present? REMEMBER, your presentation should both engage and inform! You should create 6 artifacts or ecofacts but you may only use 4 of them!


You will visit the exhibits of other members of the class. You should record significant details about their cultures which help us understand the origins of our society. Secondly, you should decide what criteria make a culture a civilization.


You will write a reflection about your experience in which you will address the following:

1. What was my role in the inquiry?

2. What did I do well in the inquiry?

3. How could I have improved upon my performance in the inquiry?

4. Would I recommend this project be done again? Why or why not?

Outcomes and Indicators

IN9.1c: Research a list of characteristics and attributes that formulate a definition of a society.

DR9.4: Determine the influence of societies of the past on contemporary Canada,

PA9.1a. Differentiate the essential characteristics of various systems of government, including democracy, consensus, monarchy, autocracy, and military regime.

RW9.2c. Compare the prosperity of societies studied, and infer reasons for similarities and differences.

RW9.3d. Represent achievements and technologies of the contemporary world that have their origins in the achievements and technologies of societies studied (e.g., weapons, dyes, medications, tools, transportation methods, navigation instruments, architecture, printing, mathematics).