Act III, Scene ii  Green Eggs and Hamlet

This scene is famously known as “The Mousetrap” or The Play Within a Play. We are going to produce a play within the play within the play. Confused? Read on!


You have been hired to work on the production of a new presentation of Hamlet. Select one of the tasks below and prepare that aspect of the production for a performance of the play.


Before beginning we will view different interpretations of this famous scene. Each of them is full of critical thought symbolically represented by lighting, costuming, sound, dialogue and acting. What you see and hear may influence your completion of your task so pay careful attention to the cues that have been provided.


Respond to one clip considering good viewing strategies and the Big Ideas we have been following in the play such as, A question I still have . . . and Things I Didn’t Get . . . and Something I Wondered Was . . .. That is, “What just happened?”

TASKS (remember, you only need to complete one task):

  1. 1.Create a Director’s Guide outlining what stage and acting directions should be presented to the actors?

  1. 2.How would you costume the actors in the scene? Consider colour palette, make-up design, as well as actual items of clothing. Create a Costumer’s Guide with rationale notes and sketches of the costumes, or actually produce some items.

  1. 3.Write a description of the interior monologue of key characters as they view “The Mousetrap.”

  1. 4.Create a Sound Engineer’s Guide, complete with songs and sound effects, for the scene. Discuss your choices and how they impact the performance.

  1. 5.Create a storyboard for the scene which illustrates its key moments.

  1. 6.Draw a character at a key moment in the scene. (Visualizing!)

  1. 7.Write a song called “The Mousetrap.”

  1. 8.Rehearse and present key moments of the scene.
Remember that you are sending symbolic cues to the audience that are part of the emotional reaction you want to evoke as well as the message you want received!

As a member of the production crew, you must validate your decisions with support and by explaining your thinking.

STRIKE THE SET: Upon what criteria do you think you should be evaluated?




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